Textures and the ways to enjoy them! (on your gunpla)

Now when we talk about building gunpla, the texture of a buildd isn’t something that you typically hear about, right? More often than not the smoothness of a paint job or lack of “orange peel” (when top coating goes sideways, but that’s for another day) is what’s mentioned.

What happens when you want to spin the creative bottle and try something new with your gunpla? Why not add texture?

Textures can add a nice spice to your gunpla, much as it does to other artistic avenues. For example, Van Gogh was famed for his use of texture in his painting.

What can you use?

In this article, I’ll discuss some ways to add texture to your kits. Each method will be given a full-on tutorial down the road.

1. Modpodge Dimensional Magic

What you’ll need to achieve this:

  1. Modpodge Dimensional Magic
  2. Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour between layers.
  3. The kit you want to use

I love this stuff. It’s a nice way of adding subtle textures, such as increasing the texture on effect parts or adding wild textures like spikes and ridges. I find that it dries faster when used in smaller amounts than what the instructions say. Want to do spikes? Add a layer of dots, wait about 30 to 40 minutes, and reapply. It starts out as a milky white color but then turns clear when dried.

Then paint it how you’d like! I either airbrush or spraypaint mine.

You should be able to find this at your local craft store or amazon. A bottle will last a good while.

This is the bottle that it typically comes in. It also comes in a metallic color as well.

2. Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

What you’ll need to achieve this:

  1. Heavy Body Aclyric Paint ( I use both Gaffrey’s or Liqiuitex’s)
  2. Cheap Palette knife, frosting pipe, spoon, spatula, or fingers (for the brave)
  3. A kit
  4. about five hours or a day to dry

This is a more interesting medium to use. So what’s the difference between normal acrylic and heavy body acrylic? The heavy body refers to the viscosity (thickness) of the paint. They have a consistency close to butter or frosting. The great thing about them is that they are so easy to manipulate. You can paint it on with a palette knife or pipe it on with a frosting pipe.

If you want to add something funky, then this is a medium for you. I suggest a little bit of sanding on the part you want to use. It helps with adhesion. Apply and let dry for a few hours or a day, depending on the thickness. This is not a fast-drying medium.

Then paint it up!

This can be found in your local art store, Gaffrey’s online shop, or on amazon.

Heavy Body paints can come in tubes like this or jars

3. Hot Glue

What you’ll need to achieve this:

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. Hot Glue Sticks
  3. A couple of minutes to cool down

Hot glue is another fun way to add texture! You can add large blobs of glue for a cool dotting effect or add loose veins and bumps. You could even go for a string drip look. It’s also the fastest method, so be warned you’ll only have a few minutes before it’s cool and solid again. Just slap some paint on it and you got something real funky on your hands!

This is also one of the easiest ones to find as you can get it online, at hardware stores, Walmarts, and so on.

So remember folks

Gunpla is what you make of it! So have fun with it.

To quote our friend Bob Ross,

“Find freedom on this canvas.”

Kind regards,


(have a suggestion or question, drop a comment or message me on any of my linked social media)

2 thoughts on “Textures and the ways to enjoy them! (on your gunpla)

  1. I’d like to add to your textures list, using a Dremel with jeweler’s bit. Definitely practice on runners first to get a feel and see how the texture you want looks before you commit to the model.

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