Things That Just Make Sense in My Hobby Area (Tools and Organization)

Now as a foreword, I am not a good organizer nor do I use a lot of conventional gunpla-related tools. I did, however, find things that work for me. This will take us through my hobby desk and so on! I am not affiliated with Amazon or anything but I just wanted to provide links on where to buy the items mentioned.

Let’s talk about workbenches

So I started this hobby out by building on my lap, then onto a small 20-buck desk that felt like it would collapse any second. Eventually, I outgrew this station (and it broke) after two years. I then moved on to a sturdier desk with more open surface space. This was about 75 dollars when I bought it but it has gone up in price since then, sitting around 145$ now. It’s about 25x60x30, which gives me plenty of space along with two small shelves, which I use for books and storage. I did put a pool noodle on the bottom bar because I kept bumping my feet on it.

Mine has seen better days, to say the least. It’s covered in paint and stickers collected from the community.

Wheelie cart

I got this wheeled storage cart from Micheals for about 30 bucks or so, there are always coupons or teacher’s discounts available. I use this to store most of my craft and hobby supplies (like my Mr.leveler or airbrush supplies). I like this setup as it’s easy to wheel around if I want to rearrange my hobby space and I can easily grab things off of it.

There’s add ons you can get to put on this, such as pegboards or paper towel holders.

Let there be light!

I have two other light sources added to my workbench. LED light strips and my favorite Ottlite lamp. I’ve had my Ottlite for about two years and it’s still shining just as bright as I got it! It’s bendable and flexible if you want to use it for specific lighting. It has four levels of brightness.

Paint Holders

So I have a LOT of paint (almost too much, is that a thing?). I used to have the Vallejo paint stand but soon found that it wasn’t very functional for my needs. I then stumbled on these nail polisher bottle holders. These are great for most acrylic paint bottles and even Citadel’s pots. I can fit about 14 bottles a little snug per row with Vallejo’s and Army Painter Warpaint bottles. Give or take 10 Turbodork bottles and like 8 citadel paint pots.

Brush it

So, I have this cool little hack trick for things like washes and contrast paints. I use refillable water paintbrushes and just pour them in. I thin out as needed. It works so well with them! I also use them for water decal setters and softeners. I use a cheap pack of 12 brushes for about 10 bucks. Just be sure to wash the tips after use or they’ll get stiff. 

Ultra-sonic! Gotta go fast!

One of my more traditional gunpla tools (or Warhammer) is my UltraSonic cleaner. I ADORE this little thing. It’s great for washing airbrushes, cleaning parts, or even rocks ( I like geology). It’s a quick and easy way to dejunk parts before painting or after stripping. This little dude holds about 20 oz of water and doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. It even comes with a little basket to hold small parts.

DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WATER/JEWELRY CLEANER IN IT. It can go up in flames and no one really wants that.

Smaller storage containers

I enjoy these small storage containers. They’re great for holding Mr.color and Tamiya paints as well as spare parts and decal sheets. I recommend checking your local dollar store, as I got mine at the dollar tree. I got these smaller clasp boxes at Michaels as well, great for small polycaps or Exacto knife blades. They stack and are pretty low cost.

Don’t be silly, glove up!

Gloves are one of my most used hobby items. I wear them when airbrushing and using rattle cans. I have been a clown and have not worn them before. This has led to several days of stained hands. I try to wear them multiple times before moving on to a new pair just so I can cut down on waste. This whole jar will last me the year. I prefer non-powdered latex-free (I’m allergic to latex).

Have any organization or tool questions? Comments? Drop one below!

Fond regards and happy Tuesday,


4 thoughts on “Things That Just Make Sense in My Hobby Area (Tools and Organization)

  1. I always like breakdowns of workspaces! It helps to see the thought processes that go into them, and see if we can learn from each other. The gloves are a muuuuuuuuuust. In my case because I got tired of getting superglue off my hands.
    If you’re ever bored, let me know what you think of my setups. The one you’ll probably find most relevant is the painting one. I don’t do as much with that as I’d like. I need to make myself paint more again, now that I should be getting some time back.

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