Comparisons: The Thief of Hobby Joy?

Why can’t I be like you? But I want to be like you!

Comparisons are something that is often thrown around in the hobby spectrum.

“Oh, how can I be like so and so?” or “Why can I create something cool like (insert favorite artist here)?”

I’d like to state in the beginning that not all comparisons are bad. It may help you see what’s possible in the hobby mediums you enjoy (such as Warhammer or scale tank building) and also help with goal envisioning. There’s no shame in comparing yourself to others as a means of learning and inspiration.

When it becomes a problem…

It becomes a problem when it makes you feel bad about what you’re doing. It’s not healthy.

If you’re comparing yourself to others only to “become the best” can really make a person resentful and can foster unhealthy relationships with the community. No one really wants that, right? It might be better to ask questions and foster a community relationship and possible friendship. I have met a large handful of hobby folks turned friends that I used to compare myself to and have only come to learn one thing:

You can never be your favorite artist, and that’s okay!

(Jackson Pollock’s The She-Wolf (1943) compared to my USAG Apex)

I can never be Jackson Pollock or Frida Khalo. Do I catch myself comparing my work to theirs? Yes. It’s a comparison with the intent to learn. I look at other hobbyists’ work and take a mental (or handwritten) note of what I enjoyed and how I can apply it to what I do. If I like a certain color combo, I’ll scribble it down.

Sometimes you have to appreciate your own adventure. The more you can focus on it, the more it’ll help you appreciate your own creative evolution.

I used to stress myself out like “why can’t I be like @Truegunpla, @brobuilder, @chrispabz, and so on” because I didn’t know my own creative journey. It wasn’t until I got over being that little negative caterpillar and started talking to these dudes that I truly found myself (and made friends with some really rad builders)

Be proud of what you do and don’t get discouraged because you’re not where someone is. You are worthy of your unique artistic voice.

To quote our favorite neighbor, Mr.Rogers “Often the creative urge, once we express it, brings real relief in whatever form it takes. We have an inner sense that we can make what is into what we feel could and should be.

Salutations and have a great Monday,


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