Warhammer WIPS and Thursday Rambles

I really would love to learn how to play Warhammer when I’ve got the time. Tabletop games have been tricky for me to learn but I’m eager to play. So in the meantime, building an army is in order.

I’ve never been a fan of the False Emperor on a golden throne of lies.

(Horus did nothing wrong and I’ll die on this hill)

So I had a tricky decision to make for my first army. I was tied between the chaos gods, Tyranids, and Orcs. I’m not a large fan of Khorne or Tzeentch, so it looked like it was either Papa Nurgle or Slaanesh. It still was an interesting choice.

After a while, I managed to limit it down to Slaanesh vs. Tyranids.

I tripped down to my local one day (it was a curse and a blessing that it was located directly across my college campus) when they were having a sale. I managed to pick up a set of Daemonettes for a decent price.

Warhammer figures are definitely an interesting step up from normal miniatures. The daemonettes come on a runner, much like scale models, and need to be glued together. I recommend superglue (Bob Smith Industries to be exact). I’ve tried Tamiya cement and similar products with no luck.

Once assembled and primed I started my hand at painting them. It went okay at best. I love Slaanesh and its gals as character concepts but not as minis. I got burned out on them and they’re still waiting to be finished.

I was, however, gifted a Tyranid Hive Tyrant. It was really fun to put together!

Painting it was another story. I initially had an idea in mind of this pink rainbow ‘nid. Each wing would be colorful and bright with scale armor to match. So after a nice white primer, I embarked on my quest for color.

It was a bad quest. At some point, I realized I went about the whole painting process wrong and that I needed a redo of it. Also, the shelves that I had holding models on decided to fall off onto my workbench, breaking it and several other projects in the process.

It was time to strip it.


Very simple! All I used was a large plastic container and enough 90% rubbing alcohol to cover it for about 10 minutes. The paint should be goopy and start to peel/fall off. Take a toothbrush and gently scrub off the paint. Repeat for stubborn spots.

Now I’m left with this dude (and unable to glue it back together at the moment because I have no superglue)

poor little ‘nid

I was thinking of a color scheme similar to this:

Warhammer lore food for thought

I’m not super knowledgeable about the lore but this blog did have me wondering who’d the last factions standing. Chaos, Necrons, Orks, or Tyranids? I’ve read some debate on the last two standing being Necrons and Tyranids.

Personally, as much as I love ‘nids, I’d have to go with Necrons. Unless Tyranids can evolve to eat Necrodermis, which makes me wonder how that would go considering what it did to the Kroots who ate it.

I do think Orks would be a good match for Necrons. If they adapt to their enemy’s technology level, could we see them becoming like Krorks again? (Granted, I do find it funny how the Necrons get frustrated with planning against Orks due to their unpredictableness)

Necrons have the weapons, so it’s still tricky to decide.

I’m on the hill where some of the Old Ones are alive and in hiding (maybe the webway?).

What do you think about it? Drop a comment below or a question.

Have a great Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Warhammer WIPS and Thursday Rambles

  1. All of those are really fun choices! I look forward to seeing where you go!
    I’m building my Tyranid force up and I’m excited to finally get all the models rushing at my door. I like Big Bugs stomping on smaller “prey” like a Kaiju. Hence why that flavour of Tyranid list is referred to as NidZilla.

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