Gunpla Thoughts and Thursday Rambles

Happy Thursday everyone!

So it’s been a really fun hobby week for me! I’ve had some really interesting food for thought ideas and just some cool conversations, which lead to this post.

The Witch From Mercury Kits

So we were given a better look at the new HG kits coming out from The Witch From Mercury and I do have to change some opinions. I like the HG Bequil Beu (the purple one) more than I did in the promotional images. The proportions feel better in the newer photos. It gives me massive birds of prey vibes. Other than that, I do love the proportions and details on them. The legs and torsos really are a stand-out feature. I love the Lubris’ shield. They really look fun for color separation.

(Aerial, Lubris, and Bequil Beu from left to right.)

They look really neat when posed as well.

I think Lubrius would look great in a hot pink, teal, and white color scheme.

Unpopular Gunpla Opinion?

One of the most controversial gunpla opinions I have is my dislike of the RX-78-2 design, or gramps the original Gundam. Animated, it’s pleasing to look at but as a snapped kit? I’m not a fan. I have the HG RX-78-2 snapped up and started to hand paint it but it still isn’t doing it for me. The bricky block design feels lost to me


Favorite Scale?

The scales that gunpla generally comes in are Super Deformed Grade, High Grade, Master Grade, Perfect Grade, Mega, or Real Grade.

  • Super Deformed Grade (SD) have no scale
    • These are often not in scale as they are shortened and almost a cute chibi style?
  • High grades (HG) are 1/144 or 1/100 depending on what they’re being based on.
    • These are great for customizing in my opinion.

Both are HG but are vastly different sizes. The HG Nightingale is about 4 times the size of the HG Unicorn

  • Real Grades (RG) are 1/144 in scale
    • They’re more detailed than HG and have an inner frame like MGs
  • Master Grades (MG) are 1/100 in scale
    • These are super detailed and larger than previous grades.
  • Perfect Grades (RG) are 1/60 in scale
    • These dudes are MASSIVE and arguably some of the most detailed to build
  • Mega Size Models (MSM) are 1/48 scale
    • They’re the largest models available and only come in a few sizes.

The only things that I enjoy about the MG’s and PG’s are their size. They are far roomier to paint with for the most part and just have a cool shelf presence.

I am not fond of RG. I’ve built two and I will never do one again. They’re just not very enjoyable for me

I haven’t done an MSM yet, nor do I have any plans to do so.

My favorite scale has to be 1/144 as they fit my builder’s needs. They don’t take up much room and are relatively affordable.

Build Events

There are a few build events near me in the fall that I feel super excited for! I always have a great time connecting with the local community during build events and build nights.

130 days till Patcon in Hudson, MA. This would be the first time attending this event for me! I haven’t planned out what I’d bring yet (probably haros).

158 days till GraniteCon 29 in Manchester, NH! This was such a blast last year! I chatted with a lot of knowledgeable folks about scale modeling and learned quite a bit. There’s something so satisfying about finding people with the same passion that you have for the hobby.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Have any thoughts or questions? Drop a comment and let’s chat!

Fond regards,


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