Home Sweet Locals II: No Place Like Home

So as we talked about before, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are filled with great hobby stores. I am currently on a one-man mission to visit as many as I can this year!

I do stress that this does not include stores like hobby lobby or the like. These mom-and-pop-owned shops and online stores (where you can pick up orders at their warehouse). These shops are crucial to the hobby communities they supply and often can help foster growth.

Hobby Emporium (Tyngsborough, MA)

This is a really great shop for scale model supplies for models outside of the Gundam realm. They do have a Gundam section but it is somewhat small. However, they have a great selection of military models and trains along with an impressive polystyrene selection. This is where I go to get my evergreen sheets and rods! They carry N and HO scale trains. They carry more than six brands of paints ranging from Testors to Vallejo. For those who enjoy it, they carry model rockets as well.

This shop has been open since 1974 and the employees are walking hobby dictionaries. I’m very comfortable in this shop because of how easy it is to find items and that the owner is very polite.

HobbyTown (Londonderry, NH)

This is another nifty hobby shop to check out! They have a really cool selection ranging from RC cars, military models, and a decent selection of gunpla. Hobbytown carries a rad supply of Evergreen products and Woodland Scenic products for diorama building.

This is also a great shop with items for parents with kiddos as well! They carry tons of great to-do activities, such as science kits and plane kits for kids. The staff is always nice, exceedingly helpful, and knowledgeable about the hobbies they cater to.

Gundam Pros (New Bedford, MA )

Now I know what some people are saying “J, this is an online store, why is it on this list?”.

Well, I decided to add it on because you can visit the warehouse to creep around, meet some of the employees, and pick up orders. They used to have a brick shop but now it’s prominently online.

They always encourage people to visit the warehouse!

I love this shop! The site is easy to navigate and always has some cool stuff in stock! From tools and plenty of paint to box damaged kits and a nifty rewards program. Shipping is fast and typically arrives in a day or two if you’re in the area. You can get gunpla, pokemon kits, transformer kits, and so on!

Another reason I mentioned Gundam Pros was the friendliness of the owner and staff who run it. I’ve always felt very comfortable talking to them and it’s always a positive interaction. It’s a shame they don’t have a brick shop to visit (I don’t think I would ever leave!)

More to visit!

I’m always on the lookout for new shops so if you know any in the New Hampshire or Massachusetts area, let me know!

Have a thought or question ask below!

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