Hobby Podcasts and Tyranid Update

Podcasts and Video Essays

I know, at least for me, that I can’t build in silence, nor with the tv. I’m too distracted by TV shows and the dull sound of nothingness.

I’m a great fan of podcasts and video essays! Luckily, there are plenty of great hobby/Warhammer-related audio jams in this day and age! Here are some of my favorites!

The Cutting Mat Podcast

Joel Stone: @truegunpla
Bayley Garbut: @Kamau_zeta
Valentino Roman: @bigvroman
Brandon Moore: @mechagenre

This is a really rad podcast to listen to that covers topics ranging from gunpla, minis, and even starting your own local events. (Please invite Tony Hawk if you see him).  You can tell the gaggle of dudes are super passionate about the hobby and community. It’s light-hearted at times and even makes you feel comfortable about mental health in the hobby as well as trying new things like Sofubi.

It’s a good time when a new episode drops! I use Spotify to listen to them but they are on a few different platforms. Each episode is a little over an hour long.

Favorite episode: S1 Ep5: Hobby Failure: One Massive Failure Of An Episode

Mobile Suit Breakdown

While not a gunpla podcast, it does discuss the Gundam series. Each season discusses a different series or movie with six seasons total. It starts with the original Mobile Suit Gundam and continues on discussing things like Char’s CounterAttack. Each episode is either discussing a single episode of the shows or the events of the movies. Nina and Thom are wonderful hosts and really do care about this franchise.

I can’t pinpoint a specific favorite episode, they’re all wonderful!

Build Sideways Podcast

Chris: @Chris_Pabz
Brian: @Bro_Builder
Julio: @Clippinubs
Kyle: @Clueless_Gunpla_Builder

Who doesn’t love a bunch of dudes devoted to scale modeling (and Julio) discussing a whole plethora of topics? From tool talk to hobby portfolios, they got it! The chemistry of these guys is off the wall. They’re super invested in their hobbies and are practically walking encyclopedias. It has a great blend of serious talk and clowning around while still staying in the topic range.

These dudes upload bi-monthly on Fridays. Each episode is a little over an hour long.

Favorite episode: Episode 17: The Mental Health Episode

If the Emperor had a Podcast

Again, not really a hobby-based podcast, nor is it a true podcast, however, this is one of my favorite things to listen to when I am building. It’s funny, juvenile, and doesn’t take itself seriously, which is great for Warhammer. It is a wonderful parody that still manages to teach you about Warhammer history. There are only four parts to this but the creator does have another series If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, which is equally as goofy and hilarious. The emperor is very bitter and I’m all about it. 

Each episode is about an hour and a half.

favorite episode: Ep-3: Inquisitor (Draco)

Other worthwhile hobby podcasts:

  • The Scale Model Podcast
  • Lorehammer


Warhammer has a very deep, deep lore history. It can get pretty confusing with all the different moving parts. It can be tricky to explain it all.

This guy foes it. I mean seriously. He has just about two thousand videos on the lore and game itself. It’s crazy! Luetin is very knowledgeable on this. He covers things ranging from the Rophanon rebellion to Primarchs. His voice is very relaxing to listen to and I often feel very zenful, even when listening about fictional horrors.

Each episode can range anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour.

Speaking of Warhammer (A Project Update)

So I finally started to repaint my Hive Tyrant after stripping off the old paint job. I decided to go with a darker pink with several blue shades and some highlights of red and yellow.

It was fun getting the base coats down! The several layers after the wings were a tad bit different.

I’ve never blended on a mini before and it’s quite different from gunpla, so I’m a little out of my zone. I’ve been following this tutorial. The first wing blend attempt was rough but I think I’m starting to slowly improve on it. Highlighting the edge of the wing membrane is turning out rougher than expected. I like the method but it’s a fun challenge for me to overcome in the future. 

This isn’t going to be a perfect model so I’m not upset if it comes out not how I want it to.

I did start gluing together some Tyranid warriors I got a while back. I’m not sure if I’m going to use the same color scheme as the tyrant or do something new. I really like the idea of yellow Tyranids.

I’ll be posting updates when I do decide.

Thanks for reading the blog today! If you have any questions or comments drop one. If you want updates on “Creeping for Scale Models” you can sign up for email notifications in the box below.



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