Scale Model Convention: Granitecon IPMS 2021 (and prep for 2022!)

So I had my first major scale modeling convention and competition experience last year at Granitecon! It was a blast!

Granitecon is an annual model contest that is hosted by IPMS (International Plastic Modelers’ Society) and the Granite State Modelers Club. There’s over 25 categories you can enter into, such as tanks, planes, scifi, gundam, and so on. I plan on attending this and Patcon as well.

There’s also a pretty awesome shop room where vendors from all over set up booths. Picture tables filled with resin kits, decal binders, tools, paints and more. Good prices on them as well. I ended up getting a paint mixer and a UFO kit.

The models on the other hand? PhenomenalI I mean I saw some great kits. Even the junior categories! They did really well!  

I took a few normal haros and my large 1:1 scale haro. I managed to win with it!

The Best Thing?

The community! I met with a few builders whom I knew from online and it was great getting to meet them face-to-face! What was also great was the amount of new talented builders that I had the pleasure of encountering. It provided some great community building opportunities. More time was spent chatting about builds and techniques than anything else. I regret not catching it if some of the folks had social media that I could connect to.

I learned a great deal about WW2 planes that I had no idea about!

What’s on the Table for Granitecon/Patcon 2022?

Well, that’s the interesting thing. I’m not entirely sure yet. I have another 1:1 scale haro that I plan on taking but besides for that, I don’t know.

Here are some contenders depending on if I get them done or decide to take them:

  • Hygogg Frogg alien diorama
  • Cerlulean project diorama
  • Dremel Zaku
  • Alien planet builds

I’m really looking forwards to these next few competitions! I can’t wait to meet new people!

Have any questions or thoughts? Drop a comment below. If not, thanks for reading!

Happy Wednesday my dudes!


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