Work Bench Mondays: Frogs and Commissons

Happy Monday, folks!

I’m very glad that I was able to get some nice work done this weekend!

Hygogg Frogs

So one of the larger projects on my workbench right now is a diorama involving two HG Hygogg kits.

The idea behind it is a chemical/ alien secretion ooze spill that is slowly corrupting the land and water which lead to the alien hygoggs (and their nest). I decided to go with two different color schemes for the male and female hygogg. The male is painted in a vibrant green-yellow with hints of blues and pinks. The female is currently being painted in a red-orange scheme with flecks of purples and blues.

I started on the diorama using a wooden round base and foam to build up the scenery. Next came the messy process of laying down plaster strips to add volume. I’m looking into pouring a resin pond after painting base colors and plants.

Haro Commission

So I also do Haro commissions from time to time and this one is really a fun one to do. This is a wedding gift from the bride to the groom. She wanted it to be tangled-themed, so I decided to go on the lantern scene route.

Mini Figure Comp Entry

So I’m involved in this small painting competition. The premise is based on the creativity of the paint job/diorama.

I didn’t pick the mini as it was a blind bag. The boxes were filled with one random mini. I got this cool Boar dude, whom I have named Harold. He just looks like Harold. The original plan was to do a red color scheme but then the idea to have Prussian blue involved came to me. I think it’s a very fitting color due to the idea that He’s not actually a monster but an honorable soldier or warrior.

So far I have a base layer, was layer, and some drybrushing done. The diorama remains a mystery so far but I’ll figure it out.

Finished Projects

So I did manage to finish two smaller projects this week. Both are Exceed heads, gashapon style kits.

Zaku Exceed Head

I really love how this came out. I’ve been working on control with my airbrush and seeing how colors would look over different primers. All of these colors were sprayed on a beige primer tone. I then did some under shading as well and over shading with washes and inks.

Dom Exceed Head

This was a fun little paint job. I really like the blog pattern.

Are you working on anything? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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