How to Develop Your Hobby Style

Someone’s style is what makes their hobby work feel like their own.

People’s art style develops just like their personality. It can take time and some good focus to do. Art styles are specific elements that are involved in most of a creator’s creations. This could be Picasso’s use of cubism or a builder’s use of weathering.

You can begin to find your style by studying styles and trying them out (we’ll discuss that another day).

Some artists have subtle styles or styles that are right and bright in your face.

So, this leads to the main question, how can we find our own style?

This was the start of a new painting style

Let’s Start With Our Mediums/tools

Whether it’s Gundam, War Hammer, or other hobbies, finding out what mediums to use is a good first step.

Let’s say you just want to snap build, what tools do you want? Sanding stickers? Scribing tools?

If you want to paint, are you going to hand paint or airbrush? Or maybe you can use rattle cans. There are a few paint types that you can use, such as enamel, lacquer, or acrylics. Acrylics are water-based and quick to dry. Enamels are slow to dry but more scratch-resistant. Lacquers dry fast and are pretty resistant. Rattle cans can come in all three, depending on the brand. Another fun one is Inks, which I found to be pretty interesting to use and can provide very vibrant colors. Not all paints are compatible to use together.

(Please wear a respirator and spray in a well-ventalated area for enamels and lacquers)

If you want custom build parts then you can easily refurbish things you probably have or build with polystyrene sheets. 

A newer style direction using mod podge and spraypaint


There can be several “styles” you can delve into. Each has its own set of skills and some can be combined into their own. You can incorporate multiple to create your own. These aren’t rules but ideas.

Gunpla/Scale models:

  • Clean
  • Weathered
  • Creative custom painted (flowers, graffiti, and so on)
  • Scratchbuild
  • and so on


  • Factions (ultramarine blues)
  • Serious (weathered, clean)
  • Cartoony
  • Bright

Some Ways to Find a Style and Develop it

Experiment with new techniques!

  • Experimenting with new things can help you find what you like
    • It may also help you further develop an already existing style

Study the work of who you admire

  • Take some time to look at hobbyists you admire
    • What paints do they use?
    • What colors are constantly used
    • Do they weather? Keep it clean?

Mistakes are going to happen and that’s okay

  • Sometimes mistakes can help you find something that works.

Practice and keep doing things!

  • The only way to find a style is to work towards one. 

Final Notes

It took me a good while to find a hobby style. It’s been a constant flow of change. I still am finding new things to add to my style, even after four years. There’s something terribly fun about the changes in styles. Try your best and see what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll be suprised what does!

From about 2019 I believe.

What styles do you enjoy? Have any thoughts or opinions? Drop them below.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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