The Witch from Mercury (What We Know so Far)

So we finally got more details about the newest Gundam series The Witch From Mercury.

The main characters, new mobile suits, setting, and the basic plot has been revealed.


Year 122 of the A.S (Ad Stella Era), so definitely not in the EU timeline

An era when a multitude of corporations have entered space and built a huge economic system.
A lone girl from the remote planet Mercury transfers to the Asticassia School of Technology, run by the Beneritt Group which dominates the mobile suit industry.

I’m interested to see how this plot unfolds. I wonder if the new protagonist will steal this mobile suit as well, keeping with tradition.

The Protagonist, Suletta Mercury

Suletta Mercury is described as a timid second-year student in the piloting department. She is the pilot of the Aerial Gundam.

They describe her in a short poem:

Her name is Suletta Mercury.
With a scarlet light burning in her pure heart,
this girl walks step by step through a new world

She’s adorable
The Aerial Gundam

Other Characters

Miorine Rembran

Boss Lady

Miorine is a highly distinguished second-year student in the management department. She is the daughter of the Beneritt Group president. She is rebellious to her father.

Guel Jeturk

Big mad boy

Jeturk is a hot-headed ace pilot. He is a third-year student in the piloting department. He is the heir to Jeturk Heavy Machinery with an ego to match.

Elan Ceres

Sad boi hour
Gundam Pharact

The top pilot was sponsored by Peil Technologies, yet another third-year student. He is quiet and reserved but has a keen interest in Suletta. A potential love interest or enemy?

Shaddiq Zenelli

I feel like this guy is the villain

Zenelli is the adopted child of the CEO of Grassley Defense systems. He is a skilled pilot and a third-year student. He is the next candidate for Grassley CEO.O.

Predictions and thoughts

I really hope they have Suletta grow into a confident, skilled pilot. It would be a shame if she became one of those who try to catch the boy’s (Elan) attention all the time no matter what female protagonists.

I like all the character designs so far and the suits have been a hit or miss. I’m not fond of the Dilanza. It feels clunky and odd. I do hope we get some HG kits and maybe an MG Aerial Gundam kit.

I don’t believe this will tie into Iron-Blooded Orphans, and if they do tie it in it would be surprising.

Shaddiq feels like a secret villain. I don’t trust him, seems off.

There is a Prologue anime for this that will drop on July 14 at the Gundam Factory Yokohama. Then it will be debated at a later date by other locals and internationally. 

Have any thoughts or predictions on the new show? Drop a comment below.

(Shout out to Kyle, my favorite woodshop teacher and feedback giver)

Have a happy impromptu Friday, everyone!



6 thoughts on “The Witch from Mercury (What We Know so Far)

  1. The Dilanza looks like it’s half SD, Half Rodi, and Half Sazabi…. And that just isn’t proper fractions.
    Ariel is pretty sharp though.
    I have a hope that this sets up the “disaster” that makes IBO Post Disaster…. Or even if this falls in the same timeline, but significantly after IBO.
    “An era when a multitude of corporations have entered space and built a huge economic system.”
    makes me hope it ties in some way… But I don’t really think we NEED to see any more of the IBO characters story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like it’s perhaps in the same universe, not entirely sure at this point but maybe in July we’ll get better answers. 4 more months till the anime airs in Japan


  2. Yo I think it’s going to be it’s own universe separate from everything else. As for the plot it reminds me of Fire Emblems three houses where ya have these people from different factions in a school together and then a war or something will start and everyone retreats to their corner but the students having built a relationship at school will become instrumental in solving the crisis. The pink mech feels like it’s from another series but since it’s three different manufacturers makes sense for them to each have their own visual language.


  3. I’m not a huge fan of the Aerial, but that Pharmact, that has my attention. The Dilanza looks so goofy but that just ends up making me like it lol. Michaelis looks like it could potentially be very gimmicky.

    I feel like Elan could be the “secret villain” while everybody else suspects Shaddiq because he’s just too happy go lucky.

    But no matter what I’m always excited for somerhing in the Gundam multiverse.

    Liked by 1 person

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