Workbench Thursdays!


It’s been a productive week minus the mountain of a head cold I’m currently facing. (Summer colds really are worse than winter colds)

Between prepping for competitions, commissions, and wrapping up projects I’ve been one busy little beaver.

The Big Haro PT2

I’m nearing the end of this guy. Each brushstroke is one step closer to finishing up the base layer! I really want to do a paint pour inside on this one but I’m still trying to figure that one out. I want something to keep with the urban idea I have in my head.

Wedding Haro

This one is a fun one! I got asked by a bride to do a Tangled-themed haro as a gift for her groom. It was very important to me to do this the best that I can.

I prepped the haro and did a super deep clean of my airbrush (removing any room for error). I then did a layer of black primer, and dark Prussian blue mixed with a black primer (a 3:1 ratio) layer. After letting that cure I sprayed a layer of purple ink on the haros front face and once that was dried I applied a quick blast of pink.

Next came hand painting the castle, boat, and lanterns.

Then came the interesting part. I’m not so great at lettering but the bride wanted Ariel and Alex July 30th, 2022 on the back if I could fit it. I could, of course. Lettering is always a fun challenge on haros. I think it came out pretty snazzy! I just need to do a few final touches and a top coat then it’s out the door.

Floral Qubeleleleley

At some point when I was snapping this up, florals popped into my noggin. All I could picture was a Qubeley adorned with large lovely flowers. So I knew what I needed to do.

I took every part off the runner and started priming and putting down base colors. The primer was a mix of white primer and an off-white sand yellow.

The white parts of the Qube were done in a vibrant green. The green was Snake Scale green by Army Painter Warpaint. It actually came out brighter than I thought it would. The dark pink was done in Screamer pink by Citadel. Before detailing I did a quick layer of satin varnish.

The flowers are currently being hand painted with a blend of Citadel, Liquitex, and other acrylic paints.

Other hobby thoughts

I’m really looking forward to having the next few weeks off as a mini vacation. I work in education so it’s summer break for us! Yay!

This typically gives me more time to bust out projects that I typically wouldn’t have the time for during the work months.

I started keeping a notebook of ideas that I would like to get done this summer. One of my more pressing project ideas is doing a tile mosaic haro. Not quite sure how I’m going to do it. I’m thinking of cutting up old CDs as tiles? Not so sure about the grout substitute. Maybe using small glass tiles? I need to look into it more.

Thanks for checking out the blog today! Have any thoughts or questions? Drop a comment. Want email updates? Sign up below!

Have a happy Thursday everyone!


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