Hobby Organization (What Helps Me and May Help You)

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to do something hobby-wise and can’t find a tool you want or your workbench has gone from a little disgruntled to looking like a tornado hit it? I know I do!

Organization can significantly impact how a project proceeds or can save money. (I’ve made trips to the hobby store to buy items only to return and find the original I needed later on).

I have supplies tucked away everywhere, more so than the normal builder due to my funkier builds. It got to be quite a mess and if it’s ADHD tendencies like me, it’s probably just clutter.

Tip 1: Declutter

The first best step may be to declutter. If you haven’t used it in ages, is it worth keeping around? I’ve found hobby supplies that I never have actually used that were better off in someone else’s hands.

Giveaway, sell or toss what you don’t need or value.

Tip 2: Sort ’em

I like to sort my supplies into categories. Painting supplies like brushes or paint markers go into one pile, scenery supplies go into another, and so on.

Start with large categories and see if you can break them down even further.

Tip 3: Find Them Homes

Where are you going to store this stuff? Shelves, workbench, and so on?

I use a shelving unit, a wheelie cart, and my workbench. Larger supplies, books, or unsnapped kits go on the top shelves and very bottom shelves. Built kits go on two of the middle shelves.

Supplies like glues go on my wheelie cart! I really like having them on wheels so I can scoot them closer to me when building. 

You can get one like this off of amazon or your local craft store. They even sell add-ons for some so that you can hang things off of them or hold paper towels.

Painting stuff goes on my workbench next to my spray booth.

Tip 4: Get Containers!

You can use old mugs or Tupperware to store a good chunk of supplies. One category per container.

Old jars for holding things like gloves or hot glue sticks

I like to use clear containers for a good portion of my categories. I get these off of amazon and Micheals for a decent price.

Some things that I store in them:

  • polycaps
  • spare hands (the model kit kind)
  • v-fins
  • wires
  • beads
  • scribing/blades

I go the extra step of labeling some of the stuff so that it’s easier to spot and grab.

For build manuals I keep them in this nifty folder I got when I ordered a kit from USAGs.

I use curtain hooks to hang things off of the side of my wheelie cart.

Other helpful tips and tricks I’ve seen

There are many ways of organizing your hobby setup! Use what you think works best for you

You can use peg boards and hang-up tools. A good chunk of hardware and even home stores sell peg boards of many sizes. Another popular option is Artty stations that you can buy and assemble. They come in several options. These are a little more costly but I’ve scarcely heard anything bad about them. There are other alternatives on the market.

These are slightly larger than most options

A lot of builders also use fish tackle boxes to carry around tools for both at-home uses or on the go. This is nice for builders who like to go to build nights! Just grab and go.

I hope these tips help!

Thanks for checking out the blog today! Have any thoughts or questions? Drop a comment. Want email updates? Sign up below!

Have a happy Thursday everyone!


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