Hobby Rambles: Taking The Gelgoog Win (Paint Pouring)!

So this isn’t a super long post today but I did have a breakthrough with one of my projects.

So a while back I found that my local had a 1/60 MS-14S Char’s Gelgoog. This kit came out in the 80s and old kits have some fun challenges. Mainly fitting issues and warping of the plastics. Luckily the plastic wasn’t warped and I have yet to assemble it.

The problem for me was the paint job. I have zero kits unpainted. Can’t stand plain plastic.

So this had been sitting on a shelf since March. This month is when I started to ponder ideas on it. Would I hand paint it? No, I just got done with an intensive handprint job with the 1:1 haro. I didn’t feel like getting into another one so soon.

Airbrush it? No, doesn’t sound appealing.

So I figured “Why not hydro-dip it and see how that goes?”

I got my shoe bucket of water, rattle cans, and parts, and then brought them outside on a rather toasty summer day. 

It was eventful. I was not satisfied with the results. So I sat there thinking about it.

For starters, I was going to have to get enough rubbing alcohol to strip all these parts. Which is a process in itself. There still wasn’t a paint scheme picked for this damn thing.

I was on the verge of defeat when a lightbulb dinged in my head.

In front of me, for a different project, was a bunch of bottles of paint. Paint specifically meant for pouring.

11 pm at night at my workbench. Things started to come together.

I quickly nipped a few parts off a runner and cleaned them up. Anytime I paint pour I try to buff a part with high grit sandpaper so that the paint adheres better to the plastic.

Then I poured the paints into the cup (very exciting right?) Then came to the test.

I am hooked on this style.

So from left to right are two shoulder parts and the back skirt. What I love about paint pouring is that each part is unique no matter what. I used the same colors for all three and still came up with vastly different designs. Each part was left to dry for about seven or eight hours. Larger parts may take longer to dry.

If you want to push around the paint you could easily rotate the part or blow on it with a straw. I got some cheaper pouring paints from my local craft store for about five bucks each.

Now, this may not be the best for heavily detailed parts but I wonder if you could recarve out a scribe line? I’ll have to test that later.

After drying I hit it with some gloss top coat because it dries with a matt finish. I hand-brushed it because it makes it feel like a real painting to me.

Hard to take decent pics when the weather is crude for nice outside pics.

So I’m taking this as my hobby win of the week! What do you think about it?

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Happy Thursday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hobby Rambles: Taking The Gelgoog Win (Paint Pouring)!

  1. This is so cool! I have some of those ’80s kits myself and they can be a little plain and clunky. This is such a neat way to add one of a kind style!

    Liked by 1 person

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