Workbench Monday!

Howdy folks!

I’m glad to say that I have gotten a fair amount done in the last week or so when it comes to projects of both the mini and model variety.

Let’s start off with the WIPS of the week!

Beargguys (Cursed?)

So these beargguys are all going to be part of a larger diorama. It’s definitely going to be an alien/cosmic horror-centric diorama. I want these little dudes to be the victims. I’m currently looking to determine what other kit is going to be the “big bad guy” so to speak. I’m thinking of maybe the HG Barbatos but I’m not entirely sold on that idea yet. The beargguys are going to be infected by whatever it is spreading around. Hive-mind bacteria? Maybe. Cosmic hive-mind entity? Also maybe.

So this little guy is going to have his head filled with some glow-in-the-dark resin to make it look like he has a little almost tidepool in his noggin. I did not add any mod podge or modifications to it. Just busted the head open with a hammer and dug some of the plastic out. Like the rest of the beargguys, he is painted with rattle cans.

This little guy is not having a fun time either. I’m thinking of scratch-building a spear for him to be impaled on. I used Modpodge dimensional magic to create the little bumps on him. Also painted with rattle cans.

Just like the above ones. I made it more goopy and runny with the mod podge. I also used a Testors color shift rattle can of this one. It’s a little glittery.

I cannot find the rest of this guy’s body. Just a torso and head, which is okay for now. I did not use mod podge on this one. I sprayed it with a water mist bottle and spray painted to give it that effect. I have a video on youtube on how to do it [here].

One of these guys is in the middle of the goop stage (right) and the other is an older beargguy that I painted around 2022 that I’m going to repaint for this project. Not sure what I’m going to do to it yet.

I need about 14 more beargguys for this idea!

Gelgoog Assembly

So last week I wrote about the large 1/60th Gelgoog and wanted to give an update on the assembly and whatnot. It’s been somewhat easy to assemble. I had an idea of turning it into one of marbled cake Gelgoog with frosting on it as a gag build.

Infected Space Haro

This one very much goes into the same theme as the beargguys above. I’m not sure how I’m going to texture the space suit but as for the haro I used mod podge dimensional magic and spray paint.

Finished projects

I got a couple of things finished this week that I’m proud of!

Rose Paint Scrap Haro

So I collected the dried paint scraps from the Gelgoog and folded/pressed them into the shapes of flower petals. Then starting from the top I glued them onto this spare haro that I had. I think this came out fantastic and is currently one of my favorite haros! I love the colors. I still have some scraps left to use for something else. So maybe another haro?


This was a cute little mini that I finished up. Nothing too fancy. Prime layer, a wash, and some dry brushing of both the figure and the base. Then I added blood because would it really be a predalien without it?

On other news

I’m excited to cover the Witch from Mercury now that I managed to watch the proloque episode! I found to be enjoyable but will let you know in better detail at a later time!

Thanks for reading today’s post!

Are you working on anything? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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