The 1/4 Apex

So one of my favorite builds this year has to be the 1/4 Apex put out by USAG. Apex was designed by the talented Lynx (IG: Lynx53designs), Model for the art built by Chris Pabz (IG: @Chris_Pabz), and 3d rendering done by Gundamyatham (IG: Gundamyatham).

The Apex came with five runners, LED lights (Battery not included), and a stand.

The apex was a fairly simple build. The plastic wasn’t brittle and was easy to clean up. It was undergated and snapped together. Took me an hour with some breaks to put together. The color seperation is nice and it has zero stickers! There’s a tad bit of articulation but that’s okay. The LED lights are easy to install as well.


The only issue I had was the little vents on the torso and back staying in but a little glue worked wonders. Other than that the only tools needed are hobby nippers and a screwdriver if you want to use the action base.

Painting this kit was just as simple. Every part was primed white, minus the exception of two which were primed black. The majority of the main body was painted a vibrant pink. The main face panel and smaller detailed parts were painted a dark purple and a light purple. I did not paint the mouth part, as one day I intend to add a battery for the LEDs. All base layers and primers were either Vallejo or Army Painter’s Warpaint.

I really wanted to go with something abstract and funky to I decided on this for the main pattern:

The detailed parts were done with Liquitex paint. I did not thin them down as I wanted to keep the texture of thick brush strokes. The dots happened when I had a brush mishap and figured out I could cover it with dots. The gold splatter of the face panel with done with thin down gold and a toothbrush that I ran by thumb over.

Slap a glossy varnish on it and here’s the final product!

So I highly recommend checking out this kit!

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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