Prey: A Review

(Spoilers if you haven’t checked out Prey yet!)

So I’ve been a predator fan since I was a kid. I watched predator on Syfy once and knew I would be obsessed with it. I was so into it that I once wrote a predator fanfiction in fifth grade. Filled up an entire notebook (skipping lines of course). It’s what I spent my recess doing, much to my teacher’s dismay (bless her heart, she tried to understand).

Since those days I’ve tried to absorb any media relating to the Yautja. Comics, novels, books, figures, you name it. I own most of the comics and novels. Regarding the movies, it can be tougher to love some more than others. I love Predator one and two, like Predators, and honestly cannot stand The Predator. It fell flat and honestly the weakest thing in the entire franchise. (The AVP movies are in a whole separate category)

When it was first announced that there was going to be a new pred film, I was happy and skeptical. Mainly skeptical. I wasn’t looking forward to another flop. So when it was announced it would have a Native American lead, I got very excited.

I honestly figured they were going with Big Game, a predator comic and novel centering Corporal Enoch Nakai, a Navajo soldier squaring off with a Yaujta while in the unfavorable environment of a New Mexico desert. I was happy to find that it was an original story following a young Comanche warrior. As more news and information came out I grew giddy. There was a spot in my heart, however, that still expected disappointment.

So I waited and waited until the date was announced. It was to go straight to Hulu, which was kind of nice not having to spend my left kidney going to the movie theater.

Then came the big day. I scheduled and did absolutely nothing that day until I watched it.

I was not disappointed. It took me to 1719 in the Great Plains and Comanche Nation. Our story follows Naru (Amber Midthunder) against a creature from the stars. A refreshing change might I add. A large portion is spent in the untouched and untamed wilderness. Following her hero journey, along with her cute pup Sarii, was exhilarating.

The best boy!

The cinematography and score are both exuberant and enthralling. It connected me to the world Naru was facing.

As for our feral yautja? I loved his design and twists on the technology used for hunting. It’s easy to see Feral being the apex predator of the plains.

The interactions of both Naru and Feral are fascinating to watch and the final battle is even more rewarding. I did have a small issue with the darkness of the film as my eyes are not the best, so I had to rewatch a few scenes.

I think what works the best for me is that Naru is, well, Naru. She’s not strapped with guns, for the most part, or got the build of a seven-times winning Mr. Olympia. She has had to be clever with her moves. Not only is she facing 300+ pounds of extraterrestrial life. She’s also dealing with the dangers of the environment. (Bears, for example! Oh my!)

Also, I expected colonizers, but Spanish instead of French. (Look, the school system didn’t teach me a whole lot about colonial America). I liked the lack of subtitles for the french. I didn’t care for what they were saying anyways.

Overall, I highly recommend Prey as both a predator film and a sturdy sci-fi-horror film. Did not disappoint in the least.

Side notes!

I enjoyed the Native Representation in this film. Not only is most of the cast Native American or Canadian First Nation, but you can also watch it with Comanche subtitles or dubbed!

As for a note on Feral’s biological or physiological features in the movie, I will defend the changes made to him! It only makes sense that there will be differences in a species when it comes to different environments. It is confirmed that Feral is from a subspecies.

look at the neck!

From the creator of Feral, Michael Vincent, this dude was most likely from a drier climate. His dreads are thinner. Different skin for moisture retention. His brows have heat-sensitive organs in them! Vincent also goes into details about the molars! How interesting!!! He even talks about their diets and how bone plays an important role in it (also culturally as well!)

Genetic variation is key!!! It’s something that I believe gets ignored in science fiction.

Also, I’m a sucker for speculative biology. I could read a biology textbook on the yautja and be happy as a fern!

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Happy Thursday everyone!


3 thoughts on “Prey: A Review

  1. Imo Naru was one of the best female protagonist in like the last decade. (Mind you, I’m a dude, so my perspective is limited.)
    It’s a difficult balance. When Hollywood tries to make females badass they think “give em a stank attitude and you’re done.” Which is why I think there have been a lot of misses in cinema. Naru isn’t a Mary Sue. Her family looks down on her. She’s a talented outcast waiting for her moment to shine. She takes several L’s in the beginning so when the end came it really felt like growth.
    She straight up shows brains can beat brawn (it’s why humans succeeded over stronger animals in prehistoric times) I didn’t cringe at any “I’m tuff enough” one-liners. Her actions spoke for her. I knew she wasn’t messing around when she had the tomahawks on ropes, though I do wish she got a little more *scorpion from mortal Kombat* action with them.
    She’s up there with Ellen Ripley in the pantheon of scifi badasses for me.
    I’ve already rewatched this several times. I was already a fan of Dan Trachtenberg from Cloverfield Lane and now I’ll definitely check out anything with Amber Midthunder.

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