Experimentations: What Do I Test New Things On?

Sometimes I get asked about what I used to test new techniques. Sometimes it’s hydro dripping or gluing things on such as gemstones.

Well, I tend to use cheap inexpensive things such as plastic spoons, haros, or beargguys.


Plastic spoons can be purchased at any grocery store or dollar store. I got a box of 100 from Walmart, which lasted me a good long while. I mainly use spoons to make color swatches for new colors. Some of the spoons experiments are wins and some are not so great.

These are a few samples from over the years. Some are older (when I was still new to airbrushing and such) and some are newer.

I like to do a primer layer, like any model part, then my base layer.

Haros and Beargguys!

Cheap kits are a great way to test new things without breaking the bank. Some of these cheap kits can range from 6 bucks to 15 bucks.

Here are some examples of testing on cheaper kits:

I don’t like to try new things on pricier kits, such as MG’s and certain HGs. So these options are more manageable for me.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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