Tuesday Rambles (Prep, Technique, and Gift Giving)

Howdy Folks!

It has been a busy past two weeks for me. School and work have been draining this week and have had nary a moment to even glance at my workbench. Hopefully, next week will lend me more opportunities to sit down and work on some stuff. This weekend is going to be a busy one! I’m heading to my first renaissance festival of the year and they have gluten-free beer available! Add turkey legs and it’s going to be a wonderful time!

I was unable to make it to PatCon this year due to car issues, but I am starting to prepare for GraniteCon approaching in October. I’ve been thinking of taking some of my abstract HG builds and haros along with my big 1:1 Haro. If I can get the diorama done for the hygogg-Frogg pair then I’ll take them as one but I don’t think I’ll be able to by the 18th. 

So in the next few weeks I’ll start taking them off the shelves and dusting/repairs.

New Techniques?

One of the few things I did get to try in the past month that I haven’t really discussed in a full manner is painting gunpla using a pump spray bottle.

So I was bopping around on the internet, as per the norm, when I came across a gunpla video discussing painting a gunpla with a spray bottle. I was interested, to say the least. So I gathered up my spoons and primer to begin. I always prime my plastic spoons when trying something new, it helps the paint adhere.

I had a tiny pump sprayer, similar to the one used in the video, that I got from a grow-it-at-home mushroom kit (pink oysters). Filled it with some red paint and thinned it slightly. A 3:1 paint-to-thinner ratio.

The results were a bit neutral to me. It didn’t do a great job with painting the part completely but I did get some cool splatter effects. I would like to try it again when I get can more pump spray bottles. I’ll do a full write-up then.

here’s a little Instagram video I made:

Mosaic Haro?

Creating a mosaic Haro is something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I really adore mosaics in general, especially abstract or ancient mosaics. There’s a process of trying to figure out what to use for it. I feel like most mosaic tiles would be too thick to use on a haro, so it’s a hunt for either thin tiles or perhaps cut-up old CDS. Also, grouting may be an issue. Either way, it’s a concept that I would like to tackle before the end of the year.

Other smaller side notes..

I wish Adam Savage would build more Gunpla. I mean, seriously, how awesome do you think those builds would turn out? He did build one so maybe he’ll do more in the future (I’m hoping)! He’s been a large influence on my creativity since I was a teen, especially anything Hellboy related.

With the gift-giving season steadily approaching, it’s always fun to get asked what model you want. I’ll typically reply “any” but that apparently isn’t good enough for most folks, so I’ll probably type up a gift-giving guide for your beloved scale modelist.

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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