Haros (A Walkthrough of 1-10) and Selling Gunpla!

So I’ve built and painted many haros in my life. If I wanted to ballpark an estimate it would honestly be over a hundred at this point. Some have little detail and some have a lot!

I honestly have an issue with collecting haros but I just love ’em. They’re easy to build and a great blank canvas to paint.

Let’s look at a few of them! Some of these may be out of chronological order, so I’m rolling with the tide.

The First of Many

This little guy was the start of it all! Patient #0 if you could call it. This was just thickly applied gold Testors paint that was hand brushed on. It pooled in some spots. The eyes were painted with pink Testors paint. No primer, no top coat.

The Second

It didn’t take me long to want to do a second haro, roughly about a day. This was painted in a similar way to the first. The purple was thickly applied with a cheap Testors paintbrush. The gold (Testors) was splattered with a toothbrush.

3. Clouds

The paint job was done in a similar manner to #2, just different splatters.

4. (Mean and Green)

This is the shift into funkier paint jobs. This one was a blend of Testors and Army Painter Warpaints.

5. (Monet)

This was a cool shift from the previous haros. I did this with q-tips and acrylic paints. I just dabbed with a lightly painted q-tip. This was also my first attempt at airbrushing primers!

6. (Blue Marble)

I really enjoyed how this one came out. I do plan on doing a tutorial on how I get a marble look in the future.

7. (Turbodork Green)

This is one of the test swatches for Turbodork paints. The primer, base coat, and top gloss coat were all airbrushed on.


This was done by airbrushing a silver base coat and dabbing on paint. No top coat was done.

9. (Flower and Bones)

This was an older haro. Much like #1-3, this was all done by hand painting on thick Testor paint and acrylics.

10.(Blue Stone)

I really love this style of painting that I don’t do nearly enough. This is done in a similar style to Monet Haro with dabbing various shades of blue on a white primer. Then I brushed (streaks intended) a blue wash on. Then I hit it with a top gloss coat.

Selling Gunpla and Haros!

So it’s that wonderful time of the year for a Gunpla/haro purge!

I’ll be spending the week uploading haros (with and without bases) and other Gunpla figures online at jshack.bigcartel.com

Some have already been claimed and getting ready to be sent to their new homes, so keep an eye out!

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