10 Unpopular Gundam Opinions?

Howdy neighbors!

It’s often hard to try and figure out what’s an unpopular opinion in the hobby. Here are some of what I think to count as my unpopular Gundam opinions.

1. SD kits are fun to build!

I can see why people may not like the design of SD builds, but I find building them to be extremely fun! I honestly don’t think I have enough! They’re really fun and have a caboodle of customizing opportunities.

2. I don’t see the appeal in clear kits.

I don’t like clear kits. I find them ugly and unappealing. I know people say “put lights in them” but honestly that would still do nothing for me.

they make me sad

3. Older kits are worth buying!

Hear me out on this. I’m not the most skillful of builders but I have been working on some kits from the 80s and 90s. It’s a fun challenge and a way to improve skills. My paint pours Gelgoog is from the eighties and has been a handful but has helped me refresh some basic builds.

4. It honestly does not bother me that people call Gundam kits transformers.

Look, I get that some people might be annoyed by it but it feels like such a small thing to be angry over. I don’t expect everyone I know to know what Gundams are. Transformers are more popular and close enough to make a comparison for the average person.

Big sentient robots and Big piloted robots.

5. I do not like the Astray design.

I will not elaborate.

6. Kits don’t have to be posed.

Sometimes they just look cool standing there. It’s nice if you want to pose them but it shouldn’t be required for them to look nice.

7. The unicorn design is nice (along with being overdone) but the show is meh.

Unicorn leaves a lot to be desired in an anime. I felt that the story was rushed in some parts but slow in others. There are far too many unicorn models on the market. The design is pretty.

8. Both Zeon and the Federation are terrible corrupt forms of governing power.

The Federation sucks. Zeon sucks. They’re all war criminals. Countless war crimes. Far too many war crimes.

9. If you don’t want the kit stickers, then don’t use them.

Honestly hate the complaints about stickers. If you don’t want them, just eat them as I do.

10. There is nothing wrong with straight building or custom building.

It’s literally whatever the person wants to do with a kit. Want to snap it out of the box? cool. Want to paint it? cool. 

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


3 thoughts on “10 Unpopular Gundam Opinions?

  1. “8. Both Zeon and the Federation are terrible corrupt forms of governing power.”

    Is this an unpopular opinion? Isn’t that one of the main themes of the series?

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