Viruses, Parasites, Mold, and Gundam (Also, A Build-Off?)

My brain took one look at mushrooms growing outside of my house and decided that this was going to be my hyper-fixation for the next few months.

I mean just look at them! What’s not to love about fungi and all their little variants? Ya got mold, mushrooms, lichen, and more!

Source: BBC Earth

I just find fungus to be so incredibly fascinating to learn about and I got as many books as I could about the topic. This obsession led to someone recommending Annihilation, and we all know how that ended. Then after that someone (Thanks Julio!) recommended The Last of Us, which was filled with fungi horror.


Soon I was down a rabbit hole of watching video essay after video essay of fictional viruses, parasites, mold, and lore. So of course this carried over to my builds. I have this little story of an all-consuming fungus that takes no prisoners and just assimilates everything.

So lately I have been trying to incorporate more of these ideas into my builds. I have a large diorama that’s around a square foot that will feature many of these.

The Barbatos play the role of the “assimilator” that helps to infect other areas. The backpack is what I call the spore pack. This will burst as the last resort option to spread more spores.

I’m using hot glue to attempt to build terrain for the diorama. I was going to use some random wood scraps that I had laying around but I was too fond of their shapes to do so. This part, for example, took me a couple minutes minus the cooling times.

Then I connect it to the wood. I haven’t gotten too far into the diorama minus the mushrooms!

I’m planning on posting more as soon as I have more done!

Some species that I’ve been inspired by..

A friendly build-off idea?

I had a cool idea about doing a nature themed build-off!

One person picked one of the seven kingdoms of life and does a themed build around it!

Nothing super serious in terms of competition. Just some friendly banter and maybe some stickers or buttons for participants. I’ll see how the interest goes on this.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a fun(gus) Wednesday everyone!


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