Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (Into A Dumpster Fire)

Honestly, the only highlight of this film is the complete separation from the pedophile of a director (granted, I’m not sure if he gets royalties from the film rights.)

The film starts with Chase and Laine going to the HorrorHound Festival. Unsurprisingly Laine begins to have strange disturbing visions of the local cryptid legend, the Creeper. As time passes, the creeper comes back from his twenty-three-year nap. There’s a satanic cult that worships the Creeper, which is after Laine’s unborn baby.

This film doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that it’s a blazing dumpster fire.

The dialogue is some of the worst that I have heard in ages. The accents bounce from southern to unknown, back to southern. The characters are unlikeable and I was fully rooting for their demise. The cult could have been an interesting concept had they explained or developed them.

The convention scenes are poorly managed and filmed. It made me cringe.

The visuals are as weak as the dialogue. I’m not sure what happened to the special effects between the films but it seems to have been done with make-up from the dollar store. The CGI was just as weak as the practical effects of the film.

The worst is that the Creeper loses all of the horrors that made the Creeper a worthy horror antagonist. All hints of the subtle homoeroticism or erotic horror have been wiped away and we lose any of the themes that were built in the first two films.

I mean, this somehow made this one worse than the last installment. It may have been a two-hour film but the real horror is that it felt like an eternity.

There was more effort put into this blog post than there was in the film. 

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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