What if People Dislike My Builds and leave Cristicism/Feedback?

I have received a LOT of feedback in my years in the hobby. Some helpful, some neutral, and some not-so-great commentary. Criticism can be difficult to receive as it depends on its delivery and tone (which is why it can be difficult to give criticism as well).

I’ve also had my fair share of people disliking my builds. I was surprised at first, unsure of what I was doing wrong when I realized that it wasn’t what I was doing, but rather the fact that some people aren’t going to be happy no matter what. The people who respect me, as a person and as a builder, know how to vocalize their opinions in a healthy manner that doesn’t hurt how I feel. Those are the opinions that I listen to, not some random person who I never had a conversation with.

It’s also been a humbling reminder that not everything I build is going to be a home run. That’s not a bad thing because people aren’t perfect and perfection is a lie. If something wasn’t well-received then it’s okay. I don’t build for others (unless I’m doing a Haro commission). I build for me.

There are some folks out there that believe people just need to grow a thick skin if they’re posting a build on the internet but it takes zero effort not to be a jerk to some. Zero. Absolutely no effort is needed. If you feel the need to make a negative, harmful comment disused as “criticism”, just scroll on. Literally, scroll on. Keep moving on.

At this point, I think it’s great to note something:

Don’t take it personally and don’t define your self-worth or the success of your builds.

The criticism and feedback aren’t about you as a person and often about the build itself.

Why someone might give feedback or criticism (good or bad)

  • They think they’re being helpful by being honest.
  • They’re trying to be “funny”.
  • Miscommunication.
  • Some people are just rude.
  • They want the clout (attention)

Attention Seekers

I found that the weirdest attention seekers are the ones that go “___ is done poorly but look at mine/some else’s _____”. It’s clout-chasing attention-seeking behavior.

One example of this that I can quote from experience is how I was pulled into a conversation on one of the Gundam Facebook groups when a guy tried to customize an MGEX with sharpies. I honestly thought it looked cool but people were just dragging this guy. There wasn’t any need for it and I definitely don’t want to be tagged by someone saying “just look at what they’re doing with their unicorn and how good it is!”

Nope. No thank you.

It’s attention-seeking and a blatant disregard for others.

Trying to be funny

Often times people try cracking a joke about something (which is how miscommunication can happen). Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not.

Implied humor can often be missed or come off as weird or unnecessary unless you know the person. I have a buddy who likes to comment things like “doodoo” (you know who you are, lol). I don’t take offense to it because I know him.

If I don’t know the person then I just ignore it, personally. Don’t give it attention.

Some people are just rude.

It’s just plain and simple rudeness.

Ignore, delete, block, or do whatever feels comfortable to you. I’ve got a whole block list going. Got zero time for that.

Some people are trying to help via honesty.

People may leave comments that seem mean but are honestly trying to help.

I have no problems with this if a person asked for feedback or criticism. I know a guy who runs a youtube channel that gives feedback to builders in a positive manner straightforward manner. The person who submitted it is fully aware that they will be given feedback.

That’s okay.

If a person didn’t ask for it then hold that comment in and move on.

Hold and scroll.

It’s that simple.

Good feedback vs. Bad feedback.


“I liked this aspect but felt like this aspect could have been done differently. Perhaps you can try ___ next time.”


Don’t be this guy. Sourced when I posted one of my Nightingale updates.

What do if the comments really bother you:

  • Moderate those comments.
  • Report.
  • Block.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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