Silent Hill Transmission

So the Silent Hill Transmission was an event that gave as over half an hour of information surrounding the franchise. Konami released it on the Silent Hill youtube account.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

This remake will be available for the PS5 console-exclusive title as well as PC.

I’m going to be honest from the images we got I’m not fond of the graphics. Maybe they’ll be better but right now I prefer the original.

On a good note, Composer Akira Yamaoka is returning to do the music for this one as well as the original concept artist Mashiro Ito.

Silent Hill: Ascension

Silent Hill: Ascension will be the latest story sequel in the franchise. Not to be confused with Silent Hill: F (a spin-off).

Silent Hill: Ascension is currently being developed by Bad Robot Productions, DJ2 Entertainment, Genvid Technologies, and Behavior Interactive. It’s going to be an entertaining combination of aspects from the developers.

I’m not sure I entirely like this aspect of the game but it will be a collective online gameplay experience. Each player shapes how the story is told.

There’s no solid release date but only the fact that it’s coming out in 2023.

The trailer shows us something interesting. A tall tower is being guarded by a large armored demon. I wonder if this is another manifestation of guilt or repressed emotion much like Pyramid head.

The players must work together to save a team member. I’m getting Dead by Daylight vibes and I’m not fond so far.

The platform is unknown at the moment as well.

I can’t say I have much faith in this installment. It feels like a weak blow to what the franchise really needs right now.

Silent Hill Townfall

Not much is available for this in terms of information.

It is being developed by Annapurna Interactive as well as No Code Productions.

There was only a logo revealed and a note that more information will be released next year.

Return To Silent Hill

Another Silent Hill movie that’s seat to release in 2023!

Christophphe Gans is directing the film and claims it is independent from the other films. Gans filmed the first Silent Hill film.

I’m holding on hopes for this one.

Silent Hill: F

Tranmission ended with the reveal of the spinoff game Silent Hill F.

It’s being developed by NeoBards.

The game is set in Japan rather than America.

The trailer shows us following a young teen as they walk through a town that is slowly being consumed by a red, viny plant infection. It is filled with floral horror and I’m all about this.

I’m interested to see how this spin-off plays. Will it follow a similar cult or aspect?


I’m a little disappointed in most of these announcements. The franchise has taken a lot of hits over the years and it needs a win.

Silent Hill: F and The remake is what I’m holding out hope for.

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Have a great Thursday!


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