Sexism In The Hobbies: A Short Revisit

(Sensitive topics, be warned.)

Welp, it’s been five months since I put this blog out.

I was hoping for some intellectual conversation, but we all know how that goes, right?

I was met with insults about appearances, general rudeness, and guess what? Sexism. So many people jumped in to prove me “wrong” only to prove several points.

DMs were calling me a b*tch or even a few of the c-words. Threats. The whole package.

Honestly, I do not see how so many people could be okay with the treatment that some receive in a hobby that is meant for “everyone”. However, for some people “everyone” does not mean “everyone”. Only a select few.

I was often met with “you don’t have to socialize in the hobby.”. Newsflash. people socialize through hobbies. I for one love socialization as do many others. It is great! Talking to others and spreading information is amazing. People just want to be respected when they do interact. Imagine that?

I was told by various people that my gender should not be allowed in a hobby simply because we “ruin it”. Bleh.

Color me surprised.

Since then, more women have come out to state their stories, and guess what? They received similar backlash. At what point do some people finally listen?

Hell, add on transphobia as well as homophobia regarding the recent Witch from Mercury stir (or the fact that it has a female protagonist). It is disgusting. How many people are going to lose interest in their hobbies because of it? How hard is it to appreciate people who are into the same hobby as you? Honestly? Is it jealousy? Insecurity?

I read a post the other day about a woman who stopped playing DnD because her party raped an NPC in the campaign and did not see anything wrong with it because it is “historically accurate”. It is a fucking fantasy story. You do not have to add it in. Do you know what was common in mid-evil times? dysentery but you do not see players shitting themselves to death.

But hey, I am only in the hobby to complain in order to satisfy my ego.

I am glad for the positive responses to the blog. It helps carry the message that everyone should be welcome in their hobbie. 

I hope you found this post enjoyable. Have any questions or opinions? If so share them in the comments.

Have a great Friday!


3 thoughts on “Sexism In The Hobbies: A Short Revisit

  1. Lol how do we ruin the hobby?? What horseshite. The same dudes will also tell you “you can’t join our club” (legit remark) when they’re all dying off and need new blood. Oh well let the dinosaur modelers go extinct then woman inherits the plastic crack 🙂

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  2. The one comment that ever got to me was some dude telling me that I should “stop giving shitty advice (on my blog) you have no skill in painting things to even begin to start teaching people shit.” That was on an IG post of me announcing I had a new blog up. The same person then went and commented on my blog that my painting looks like shit.

    Like one comment, okay I can brush that off pretty easily. But two from the same person (they used athe same username on IG that they did to comment on my blog) on 2 different platforms? WTF. That happened several years ago and when the sexism topic comes up I think about it.

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