The Cerulean Project and I: Wraps for 2022

The Cerulean projects came to a wrap towards the beginning of November, and I had a blast participating this year!

As some of you know from the previous posts about the Cerulean project, I threw my hat into the ring this year! (First post. Second Post)

For a quick recap:

The Cerulean Project is a community-based art exhibit featuring builders from across the globe. This exhibit is both featured online and in a printed book. The focus of this project is on building a strong healthy community while also raising awareness for mental health. The book and project provide mental health resources and break down the stigma that surrounds mental health.

My entry for the book revolves around my grieving process.

Overall feelings

I’m happy about the outcome. I like the colors and drips of black. Granted, I would have liked better photos, but I currently lack a proper setup for a build of this size (it doesn’t fit in my photo booth). There were also mild conflict issues that took a sizeable portion of the time I wanted to spend devoted to the project. Hopefully, next year will be more productive in terms of goal-setting for the next entry.

This was a good outlet for me to express frustrations and other difficult grieving issues. I feel better ending the project than starting it.

The base could’ve been done with more detail.

If you would like to get a copy of the book (and magazine) check it out here! Each purchase donates to the Trevor project!

Big shoutout to Salty for running this event!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading it! If you have any questions, drop them below.

Happy Monday!


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