Build For The Kids 2023 Event

Hi, my folks! Time for a community event! I decided to do a write up because some folks had questions about this.

Build for the kids is an event starting in January to help raise money for @stjude cancer research center and research on other life-threatening diseases. Families who go to St. Jude’s for treatment never receive a bill for treatment, travel costs, housing, or food. This is accomplished by the donations that they receive.

This January there will be a community event Build For The Kids. The goal for this year is to raise 1k in donations for St. Judes.

This a free, non-competitive build event that’s open to anyone.

It starts on January 16th, 2023, and ends on April 16th, 2023.

Builders or painters who decide to enter can use the tag #buildforthekids2023 to help share their progress. There will even be a photo gallery here when it wraps up

There will be a giveaway with kits donated by USAGundam, Hobby books by Chris Meddings, and several other kind sponsors.

If we hit 2k in donations I will put up a list of haros to choose from and I will torch it with fire. Some suggested a baseball bat but I have terrible aim. (Sorry Tex, I don’t have a spare microwave to use either)

I decided to do a write-up because there had been some questions asked yesterday.

Q: Do we need to donate to participate?

A: No! Donations are not required if you would like to take part in this event. If you would like to build but are unable to donate, you’re more than welcome to join us!

Q: Where do we donate?

A: There will be an online link when this event starts taking you to a St. Judes fundraising page that I have set up. I will share this link when the time approaches.

Q: Does it just have to be just Gunpla?

A: No! Gunpla builders, mini painters, and any other hobbyists who want to participate are encouraged to do so.

Q: Is there a theme this year?

A: There is no overall theme this year but we want to carry a message of positivity.

Q: Who’s entered into the giveaways?

A: Anyone who builds or donates.

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