A Look Back At 2022 Hobby Year

Oh, how time flies!

This year has been a blast in terms of the hobby. I didn’t get many builds done and that’s okay. What I did was a MASSIVE amount of experimentation this year with techniques and paints.

From paint pouring to hydro dipping, it was a year of revival in terms of artistic creativity and self-expression. It was oddly refreshing even if I had a little bit of burnout. I also started up this blog page and wrote a lovely article for Gunpla101. There were even fun build events and the Cerulean project!

It was an entertaining year!

Let’s break it down month by month!


January was a busier hobby month for me! I had finished the HG moon Gundam on the first day of the year. I had even begun to learn to(somewhat successfully) use water decals! (Mecha decals if anyone’s wondering. They had frogs on them.)

Then came working on my second 1:1 scale haro, which took most of my hobby time up! Still not done with it yet, just need to finish the inside and do touch-ups on the outside.


February was a very on-the-go month. I finished up several large projects, such as the Apex and the HG Nightingale along with several haro commissions. By far one of my favorite hobby months.


This was really the start of texture play in my works. I used several testure mediums such as beads and heavy body acrylic paints.The green haro is covered in a rough sand textured paint. This also marks the start of my hygogg frogs and Venus haro.


April saw little rain but more work on the 1:1 scale haro, large doms, and more hyfroggs. It also saw more goopy and bumpy haros! I really enjoyed the hyfrogg process.


May flowers showed up along with trying some new things. I worked on a nifty model train as well as getting my hands on some gunpla exceed heads! There was also some rad diorama work going on!


The hyfrogg got a girlfriend! June also saw the beginning of my Cerulean project. There was also a failed attempt at texturing a Zaku with a dremmel. It uhh showed promise but needs refinement.


July was busy! The outside base coat of the 1:1 haro was finished. A poor haro got the drilling treatment. Lemon-themed mechs. Oh, there was also a lot of paint pouring. I’m working to refine this technique because it does provide many interesting color paths and patterns.


Not much happened in August besides more texturing and painting the nightingale. I got some nifty new Turbodork colors and managed to try them out a bit.


Same as August, got some more painting on the Nightingale done along with a few small snap-ups here and there.


October was a fun one! I started on a large-scale fungal diorama that’s still being worked on.

The 1:1 haro received an inner base coat of primer and the slow start of pasting albums on the inside. The album covers were scaled down. They were then cut out and glued down with a mod podge.


I finished my cerulean project for the first time! It was a fun exciting process! More paint pouring was done and the continuation of the fungus diorama was with hot glue mushrooms.


December is typically a slow hobby time due to the holidays and the uptake of work hours. I did get a chance to work on my solar system haros with the start of Mars!

Goals for 2023

I have several goals for next year:

  • More community involvement!
  • Finish some of my backlogs!
  • More minis!
  • If I get my hands on a 3D printer then I’d like to try and make some of my own 3D models.
  • Get back to live streaming.
  • More haros!
  • I’d like to attend more community events on a local level.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading it! If you have any questions, drop them below.

Happy Wednesday my dudes!


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