TCGplayer Workers Are Attempting To Unionize (And Why They Need Our Support)

Over 280 workers at TCGplayer, an eBay-owned marketplace for trading card games like Pokemon and MTG, are attempting to unionize at the company’s authentication center in Syracuse, New York. A large portion of workers has filed for a union representation election. This would be the second time that employees have attempted to unionize since 2020.

The 280 workers include sorters, researchers, quality control, shipping, and other non-managerial workers. They deal with the cards coming through the center.

In this union attempt, they’re partnering with Communications Workers of America. CWA has helped numerous tabletop and card game retailer employees unionize. If successful then they’ll form the very first union at eBay. TCGplayer was bought in 2022 in a deal that was worth up to $295 million. This deal sparked the concept of unionizing again.

Workers are seeking:

  • A stop to pay caps.
  • pay increases to account for the cost of living increasing.
  • A comprehensive leave and absence policy that it fair and doesn’t punish employees.
  • Career advancement opportunity.
  • Equal and fair hiring policies.
  • Training resources.
  • Well-defined job roles and expectations.
  • The ability to sit with management and higher-ups to discuss issues.
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TCGplayer employees who have actively supported unionization have been vocal about the attempts at union-busting by TCGplayer supervisors and management. Some claimed that even the CEO has attempted to bust the union. None of this surprises me. We’ve all seen what the Starbucks workers dealt with.

What can we (the community) do?

I know many TCG players in this community who have bought and used TCGplayer. Supporting this unionization can help improve the quality of life for the employees who help handle your cards. Support can be as easy as being active in the conversation about this. Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media can help spread the word and show support.

There’s a link to you can sign and share to show support.

If you want to take support a step further, vocalize that you will not buy from TCGplayer while they are not unionized. I’ve read that Card Kingdom is a popular option for those doing this because they are unionized.

I am a proud union member for my job. I believe in standing in solidarity with those who are attempting to unionize. Corporate greed is terrible and will do terrible things to its workers.

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!


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