Community Happenings: O.M.C (The Original Mecha Contest!)

Once a year hobbyists and artists are challenged to create their very own mechs in a stunning contest called O.M.C (short for Original Mecha Contest). This draws in participants from all around the globe in a test of skill and creativity. It’s truly a sight to see.

I absolutely adore it! There have been countless entries that are eye-catching and things that could be easily seen in a game-changing science fiction film. I’ve been following this competition since 2019 and every year it’s a step above the last.

Interested and want to learn more?

It’s all done online and free to enter. No having to travel and all that goes along with an in-person build contest.

It starts today, don’t worry there’s not really a cut-off entry date, and ends October 31st. You can practically use anything to build your entry, with a few small exceptions. 3D prints can only make up a maximum of 15% of your final creation. If using a base model, for example, a Zaku, then the final product shouldn’t look like a Zaku. It shouldn’t look like you just threw some details on a Zaku and called it an original Mech idea.

You also can’t enter a preexisting build. Where’s the fun in that anyways? If you’re on Facebook, I recommend checking out the O.M.C group to see what’s being built or has been built previously.

If you’re interested in joining, then it’s super simple. You choose from one of the many divisions then download/print the entry pass. Along different build process points, there need to be four work-in-progress photos with the entry pass. When you’re done you need to provide six finished photos of the build. Don’t forget to provide the name of the build, your name, country, and age.

Winners get prizes provided by sponsors, Kamm (the founder), and donated items from community members. The top three winners of the Main division are awarded droid model kits. Winners of the Pro division get an extra special limited edition trophy. 

Juniors Division

The Juniors Division is one of the best divisions in the whole contest (in my opinion). Anyone under Sixteen qualifies for this. Y’all, kids are the future of this hobby. There’s a huge push this year for hobby content appropriate for junior builders to utilize while they work on their own O.M.C builds. This could include child-friendly youtube channels, blogs, books, and so on for hobby content. It’s so they have resources to learn how to hand-paint, scribe, and other skills.

Kid-friendly. PG. Family-friendly.

There’s also an interest in “sponsor-a-junior” program. If you have any info, reach out to Kamm and the Facebook page.

source: O.M.C Facebook

The folks behind this

Kamm is the genius behind this event. He runs this event fairly and appropriately to ensure fun for everyone. Super nice and helpful if anyone has any questions. Check out his page here. He’s a talented builder.

Let’s look at some of the judges this year:

  • Lucas Zampriolo, Kallamity, is a talented science fiction and mech builder.
  • Henrique Ventura, a master at scratch building and original creations.
  • Scott Roberston is a phenomenal artist known for science fiction art and mechs.
  • Emerson Tung is a talented concept artist and illustrator.
  • Chris Pabz is a well-respected builder and highly professional.
  • Angelo Guibone is a well-respected builder and designer.

Shout out to BroBuilder, aka Brian the wizard, and Richard (Plainries) for all of their help and work on O.M.C!

Speaking of Brian, he’s the winner of O.M.C 19! This is the Flea (credit from BroBuilder)

Any artwork for the contest is done by Galvin Manners and the trophies were sculpted and printed by Paul Beards. Both are equally talented. We love supporting artists on this blog and ask that you check out their work.

Some sponsors include SMS paints, Dspiae, JL Gunpla U, Armored Komodo,, Mecha Decals, and so on.

Also, how could I almost forget the Original Mecha Cup Cup?

The what cup?

The Original Mecha Cup Cup, of course! It’s an extra little mecha contest in O.M.C! This is a scavenger build. Got a junk drawer? Now’s the time to bust it open.

This a light mini mech contest using a bottle, plastic cup, or yogurt container. It needs at least one plastic spoon. It also has to fit into a six-inch cube (6x6x6)! Find out more here! Honestly, this is a really cute upcycling idea.

The judge for this is Henrik Thomsen, last year’s pro-winner!

I love this!

There’s something energetic about being able to witness so many creative processes that go into this contest. I mean honestly when you watch something turn from a pile of parts into a coherent piece, it’s exuberating. Talented builders come out of the woodwork in this event.

I’m very excited to see how this year plays out. If you’re interested and want to participate I’d do it. It’s wholesome community fun, win or lose.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


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