I Do Not Hobby Normally: A Neurodivergent ramble

Sitting down yesterday (thank mother nature for a snowday) I got a moment to listen to this! Episode two of the Cutting Mat Podcast’s fourth season. It’s a treat! The episode focuses on hobby advice, neurodivergency, and community Q&A.

I love the episode covers!

It got the old noggin thinking.

I do not build traditionally. That’s been a constant since the start of my hobby journey.

My builds aren’t clean. They aren’t realistic. Granted, how realistic can large fictional robots get?

I do use traditional hobby methods at times such as scratch building, panel lining, and the use of decals. I also do some… less than traditional methods such as the use of unorthodox supplies such as fish tank gravel, mod podge, Swarovski crystals, and so on.

I love traditional builds, and I say traditionally in a polite respectful manner because everyone enjoys the hobby differently. I love seeing scribing or someone doing a nice paint job. I’m always in a little bit of awe seeing these builds and a part of me envies them.

I wish I could build and create like that. Its just not how my brain works.

It’s not connecting at all

Like the boys dicussed on the episode, I am also a neurodivergent artist. My thought processes and how I create is different compared to probably how others do.

I build the way I build because my brain finds it highly rewarding. I get this big rush of excitement and energy when I create how I create. I have tried traditional methods but it just doesn’t hit the same way, if that makes sense.

It always ends with me getting extremely bored and needing to shake it up.

So I do tend to lean towards a more sofubi/custom toy style.

Worked on another apex yesterday! Green

I have been trying to slowly incorporate more traditional methods in. Color separation is a big one.

I used to just paint a kit the same color and work from there. Now I’m trying to involve more base colors to add to the details.

It’s been fun!

On another note, I also don’t learn the same. Most hobby tutorials do not work for me. I have to pause too much and go back. It gets very frustrating to watch. It also depends heavily on the voice and mannerism of the person speaking.

Goobertown hobbies are a good one for me!

I prefer written tutorials. They just don’t frustrate me as much. I can print them out and highlight or reread them without having to miss verbal cues.

It’s annoying because I’ve had hobby friends try to show me how to do things and it just gets lost on me.

It’s frustrating for both of us.

Luckily I’ve come to adapt to a more neurotypical hobby scene a little better than in the years prior. The episode the boys put out covers a lot about how I feel being a neurodivergent content creator. Phenomenal work.

Have a good Wednesday!


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