All Tomorrows: The Best, Weirdest, and Wildest Worldbuilding

I would like to start off by saying that All Tomorrows: The Myriad of Species and Mixed Fortunes of Man by Nemo Ramjet (C.M. Kosemen) is the wildest thing I’ve read in a long while, even compared to Annihilation!

It starts in the near future as humanity expands into the stars after a vast population bloom. A civil war between those on Earth and Mars leaves the Genetically engineered surviving population to spread further into the galaxies only to encounter a force more devastating than war or death… the Qu. The Qu are technologically advanced and sadistic aliens on religious pillage to reshape life into their own twisted ideas for their own amusement. Humanity was swiftly defeated and as a punishment, the Qu turned them into nightmarish creatures before moving on to their next victims.

These designs are wild!

It also explores the future of these species, the defeat of the Qu, the rise of new species, and the exploration of what humanity means before the end of the descendants of man once and for all.

That’s all in one 111-page book, mind you!

sentient living bricks

This book took me about two hours to burn through, and you don’t even have to buy it! It’s free as a PDF, granted the creator does have plans to publish it one day. I would be glad to have it as a hard copy.

This was a brilliant journey! It spins a narrative of an unstable future for humanity over billions of years. We watch species rise and fall, political conflicts, existential horror, and a spark of hope.

The worldbuilding in this is absolutely insane and I have never found a worldbuilding narrative that has hooked me quite as this! The Qu are a terror that makes “I have no mouth, and I must scream” seem like a fun spring picnic. I love the demented shaped they made and how evolution took it from there.

It does dive into hard sci-fi as there’s interstellar travel and other elements.

Here are some video essays that I recommend watching after reading them:

Have a good Monday!


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