Community Happenings: The Cerlulean Project 2023

Time is steadily approaching one of my favorite hobby times of the year and I am giddy with anticipation.

The Cerulean Project is a wave that willingly sweeps me into a creative tidal pool of other artists and community members. I highly suggest participating in one way or another in this event.

But wait, what’s the Cerulean project?

The Cerulean Project is a community-based art exhibit featuring builders from across the globe. This exhibit is both featured online and in a printed book. The focus of this project is on building a strong healthy community while also raising awareness for mental health. The book and project provide mental health resources and break down the stigma surrounding mental health. The man who helped to put it all together is a fantastic caring dude.

It aims to also support marginalized communities and minorities to be a safe space that is intolerant of intolerance.

All money raised goes towards The Trevor Project!

There’s going to be a lot that goes into this year as well. (Salty’s assembling the A-Team for this one!!)

I had a blast participating in the Cerulean Project 2022 (Part one, Part two, and Part three). It was very therapeutic to be able to work past some prior emotions.

Season four of the Cerulean brings promises of future wonders and endeavors. I cannot wait to see what art this brings.

2022 Alumni are already open to pre-registration for season 4. I’ve got mine in and concept sketches were done before I start officially building. I have an idea for something that evokes a mix of both modern and traditional renaissance art

Dates, dates, and dates!

August first will officially start the show but you can start working on it before that date. You just can’t finish a build before the first. The project is open to models, minis, scratch builds, and more as long as it plays into the color theme and meets the deadline.

Let’s take a look at the timeline so far:

April 1st- The color announcement (I know what it is but I’m not tellin ya!)

April 1st- General registration opens as well.

August 1st- The show starts!

November 1st- The show ends. Be sure to get your pics in before this date!

December 1st- Book pre-orders open.

Where to find some more info:

The website (coming soon!)

The Instagram

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


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