Workbench Monday!

Alas, the daytime is now mine!

Last week brought me the last few days of my work in education and onto a new work schedule. This leaves me with more hobby time during the day!

I’ve been using that to my full advantage!

I spent the last week or so starting and continuing some nifty projects.

The first is two Gundam Artifact Nightingales. These little dudes were difficult for me to assemble due to small parts that didn’t seem to want to fit together.

I gave them a quick prime with Vallejo primer, let that chill for a bit then moved on to the next coat.

One was done in Army Painter Speedpaint blue. This is a paint that I have come to enjoy. It applies nicely and as the name suggests it dries fast! It took twenty minutes to dry, and then I was set to move on to the next step.

The other one was a little tricky. I decided to try my hand at airbrushing inks, which I had never done before. It didn’t come out terribly. I wish it had gone a little better but it is what it is. I can work with it.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to take these now but I have a slight idea about dots. I’ll get back to you on that one.

I have also been printing like crazy!

(Remember to print responsibly. Gloves, ventilation, masks, and other PPE needs to be used. Resin is toxic!)

I’ve printed a menagerie of snails, kaiju, squids, and more! Oceanic themes have been on my mind lately but I haven’t had luck finding files that I like. It may just be time for me to download blender and get to work.

This is the limited Turbo Dork paint that I managed to snag before they ran out. I’m not one to use red very often but I couldn’t resist this shade. It applies well and is very attractive to the eyes.

Other than that it’s been making a bunch of small Prismacore dioramas with some cheap wooden bases I snagged from Michaels during one of their larger sales.

When I can get to printing the coral files I would like to do a larger resin pour to get a submerged pool effect, which is partly why I want oceanic prints so I can add them in (after gooping them, of course)

The Cerulean Project

We got our colors and I’m very excited! I have no idea what kits I’m going to use but I still have the concept idea from our previous Cerulean project post in mind.

It really gives me a modern renaissance vibe to it.

What have I been listening to this week?

Well, a hotpot of things!

here are some:

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Have a great Monday!


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