Another Apex? Yes!

August of 2022 saw me assemble my first USAG Apex, which was a blast to build!

Luckily I had a chance to snag another one because they’re on sale right now. The typical price is about 25 bucks but sitting comfortably at about 11 dollars. That’s a steal!

(Especially when I couldn’t get my hands on haros)

The kit comes with the following:

  • Instructions
  • 5 Runners
  • Stand 
  • LED lights (but not the batteries)

The assembly is relatively easy and took me about half an hour without any interruptions to put it together at a leisurely pace. I only needed the basic tools for this one like my hobby nippers and knife.

I lost the action base that goes with it but if you want to use it then you’ll need a screwdriver for the assembly. There are also the LED lights that I didn’t use as well. If you do use them you’ll need a CR1632 battery.

Prepping for painting was fairly simple. I cleaned up the nubs as best as I could then I hit it with a white primer.

I had the fun idea to do a series of Apexes in a range of colors. I was watching a video and they mentioned Spongebob’s pretty patties and the lightbulb suddenly dinged.

I figured I’d start with green. Maybe the next one will be red or yellow.

There was a series of greens used on this. All being a blend of Citadel, Vallejo, or Army Painter Warpaint. I threw in silver and red to help contrast colors. These colors were airbrushed on and left to dry before moving on.

The pattern was mildly inspired by seventies wallpaper and the avocado green kitchen appliances. It was rather simple to hand paint and didn’t take as long as expected. I even tossed in a hint of florals.

Also, as a fun note, this was my build for our 2023 Build for the Kids event which wraps up next Monday!Apex was designed by the talented Lynx (IG: Lynx53designs), the Model for the art was built by Chris Pabz (IG: @Chris_Pabz), and 3d rendering was done by Gundamyatham (IG: Gundamyatham).

Have any thoughts on the Apex then drop a comment below! Want to support our blog then check out our patreon or sign up for email notifications.

Have a happy Friday! – J

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