Community Happenings: Plamo Weekender 23!

It’s that wonderful time of the spring year!

Plamo Weekender 23!

Plamo Weekender is a four-day build fest that’s completely online (on Twitch) for everyone to enjoy viewing! It features a whole garden variety of builders to help raise money for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund! Each builder gets a certain amount of time to build or work on something funky while trying to raise funds.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a fantastic non-profit organization that aids projected that researching Alzheimer’s prevention and cures.

ALL donations during this event go to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund!

Jason (BadGunpla) is a great host and this easily gets better every year.

I’ve donated to this event before and it’s a phenomenal event. Each builder brings something fresh and fun to the table.

If I do recall, Bee did a thing that if they raised a specific amount of cash then the chat could pick her next tattoo.

It was a buff Garfield Y’all. Buff Garfield.

Buff. Garfield.

There are also a ton of rad giveaways that happen every day.

I am trying to make sure I catch at least one day this year as it, unfortunately, falls on workdays, and graduation is that Sunday.

I’m going to list as many of the folk participating this year (do forgive me if I miss some):

Hightop Ninja

Ayumi Tenko

Bad Plum Gunpla






Tex Merquise


Tsukimi B. Dohrnii








DaOnlyEzeGen & De4dlyLunchb0x




I suggest taking a look at them and catch their hours of streaming! It’ll be a real treat!

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Have a great Thursday!


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