12 Gundam Suits I could take in a fight (No, I will not elaborate)

The title says it all folks?

1. The UMF-4A GOOhN

Look at this nerd with it’s weird ass head.

2. UMF-5 ZnO

Has the personality of a stale Saltine.

3. RGE-G1500 Adele Mk-II

Probably spreads cream cheese with a fork.

4. Gigas Zam

The SiGmA cosuin to the greatest Zam.

5.MS-05B Zaku I

Mayo is spicy.


probably goes “well ACTUALLY”.

7. MSA-003 Nemo

Looks like a slimy muffin.

8. F/D-19 Zowort

Unburdened by intelligence.

9.F/D-19 Zowort

If this was a spice it’d be flour.

10. STH-16 Shiden

Probably reads the terms and conditions.

11. ASW-G-01 Gundam Bael

Wears polios and says “bruh” a lot.

12. YMS-15 Gyan

Difficult to underestimate it

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2 thoughts on “12 Gundam Suits I could take in a fight (No, I will not elaborate)

  1. How dare you besmirch the Gyan. He is elegance he is grace he will put his rapier style beam saber into your face lol!! Ngl I’d build the shit out of weird boi no. 2 though!!

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