Yuri Fans and GWitch (A Short Ramble)

Who knew Yuri fans found Witch From Mercury to be so unwholesome with its brutality and themes of hardships? Especially coming from a genre that’s known for its soft Sapphic pairings.



Might I suggest trying out these wholesome Yuri anime selections that are definitely not what Yuri fans are used to from the genre?

Why not try Berusaiyu no bara (Rose of Versailles)? It’s a lovely historical Yuri manga that deals heavily with the French Revolution, not to mention the protagonist dies in the storming of the Bastille! Let’s not forget about the Tuberculosis that would be sure to kill her if the political climate didn’t!

Not your speed?

Try this cute online web manga called Kimi ga Shinu Made Ato Hyaku Nichi or better known as “My Wish is to Fall In Love Until You Die“! Sounds adorable! Totally not about exploiting orphans as means of war (not a Gundam move at all).

Want a magic girl Yuri anime?

What about Puella Magi Madoka Magica? It has everything one could ever want from a magical girl anime! Girl love, the power of friendship, and magic gems that grant the girls the ability to magically transform! Magic gems such as the one located on Mami’s hairpin get destroyed when her head gets bitten off.

Do…do I even have to mention Utena?

The list goes on and on and on.

Yuri anime, if anything, has never just been “wholesome”. The concept of fans going into The Witch of Mercury for it being a slice of life is honestly a load of crap. Anyone who knows about Gundam knows the themes and concepts. It’s not like Char’s colony drop isn’t an iconic moment in Mecha anime.

Yuri manga are often dark and gritty with themes of domestic abuse and violence. The average Yuri fan enjoys them. I love Madoka Magika and Utena because of these dark themes. It’s the same reason why I like Gundam.

Honestly? I find GWitch to be mildly tame. I want more war crimes, damn it. Have our girl Suletta do some more damage.

Girlboss, Gatekeep, and Gaslight.

It’s what Char would do!

The whole concept of “Yuri fans are unable to handle Gwitch” is a laughable notion in itself. It’s like the idea of Guel being the protagonist. It’s silly. Just a silly little concept.

Granted a majority of the criticism for Sulleta and Gwitch comes from a thin veil of homophobia and misogyny. Remember when they called it woke? I’m not surprised at all. I figured there’d be trouble the moment they introduced a female lead. It’s like that some days.

On another note about Yuri, Madoka Magika was one of the first animes that I watched and it confused me deeply. I was expecting happy magic girls like Sailor Moon. Boy was I wrong.

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Have a great Thursday!


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