About me?

Hi everyone!

I’m J, a twenty-something scale model builder, criminology student, isopod-lover, and nature fanatic living in the northern part of the United States.

I started my hobby adventure in the late year of 2018, with the misconception that I was bringing home a cool science fiction action figure from the comic shop and not a Gundam model kit. You could imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found kit runners.

“Wait, I have to put it together myself?”

Yes. Yes, I did! I haphazardly assembled the clunky little Iron-Blooded Orphan kit the best I could with nail clippers. That build lit a tiny spark of interest in the world of scale modeling that has only grown to burn brighter over the years. From imaginary science fiction models to realistic war machines, I devoured it all and made it my own. Art is another passion of mine that I am working tirelessly at to combine the two.

Now it’s my main hobby keeping me sane while I work to complete my bachelor’s degree in criminology. You can find me bopping around Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more in order to connect and communicate with the hobby.

Meet the support staff

Fluff, who runs our social media
Lola, our nap reminder

More random things about me:

  • The very first anime that I ever watched was Naruto!
  • Two of the most impactful animes I watched as a young teen were Neon Genesis Evangelion and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • I’ve been a Hellboy fan since the age of five. It makes up about fifty percent of my comic collection.
  • Some of my hobbies outside of scale models and pop culture are geology, entomology, and mycology.
  • I’m in the middle of writing two novels: Distemper and Cryodreams.
    • I spent NaNo22 working on Distemper.
  • I once wrote a notebook-long fanfiction (skipping lines) about befriending a Yautja from Predators.
    • My fifth-grade teacher was so impressed, but also confused, she used it as extra credit to bump my writing grade.
  • There used to be a spicy transformers Tumblr that I ran that was really popular but I deleted it when I got older (Thank god).
  • I really want to run a farm one day and am very passionate about supporting local farms.
  • Duolingo is teaching me Klingon!

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