Hobby Resources- Podcasts

This is a compilation of podcast resources for anyone with various hobbies (Gunpla, scale modeling, Warhammer, etc.) to listen and learn from.

If you want to add a podcast feel free to message me on any of my social media accounts or here!

Updated as of 1/25/23

Built Sideways Podcast

Four friends drawn together through Gunpla/Model Making/Scale Models talk about experiences, lessons learned, answering community questions, and everything in between! Each host has a range of experience and styles and is involved in all aspects of the model-making community, from Judging, Content Creation, Competition Entries, and more!

Like the podcast? Check out the discord.

The Cutting Mat Podcast

The scale modeling podcast by the community for the community. The show covers everything involving the scale modeling hobby from the community, events, and more. The four hosts are involved with the hobby in many aspects, as community leaders, content creators, judges, and many other hats. Tune in monthly for new episodes and side episodes including live coverage of events and side-build episodes.

Sprue Cutters Union

Will Pattison, Tracy Hancock, and Chris Meddings dive deep into the how and why of modeling, asking in-depth questions and interviewing the most interesting modelers from around the world, and engaging with the theory and philosophies of modeling.- Plus toilet humor and dick jokes

Scale Model Podcast

The podcast is all about the scale model kit hobby.
Interviews, reviews, and news all about the scale model kit hobby. Hosted by Stuart Clark.

Plastic Posse Podcast

Plastic Posse Podcast is a bi-weekly scale modeling podcast for all genres, scales, and ability levels. From Warhammer 40K to Gundam to Aircraft to Armor and even Science Fiction, our show features in-depth interviews with the best guests, as well as Roundtable Panels and group discussions that take a deeper look into the hobby. Our motto is “There is NO wrong way to enjoy Scale Modeling!” Hosted by TJ Haller, Doug Smith, Ivan Jensen Taylor, John Bonnani, Grant Mayberry, and Scott Gentry.

ModelGeek’s Podcast

Hey Modelers! Welcome to the ModelGeeks Scale Modeling Podcast, a place where we talk about anything and everything relating to models.
Buckle up for what we believe will be an exciting journey into the world of scale modeling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the hobby or you’ve been around since Moses nor does it matter what you build; planes, armor, ships or automobiles, we hope to have a little bit for each of you. Our format is simple and to the point; modeling news you can use, a few tips and techniques, some lighthearted banter and maybe a beer or two, but most importantly interaction with you!

Scale Riders Podcast

Scale Riders Podcast the voice of Plastic Scale Model Car Culture. Featuring Scale Model Artist Interview, News, Reviews, Tips, and vision.

Models from Ukraine

A podcast all about the Ukrainian Scale Model business and culture, what is happening in Ukraine, and how we can all support Ukraine and Ukrainian Modelers

On The Bench

A podcast designed for the scale modeler talking about all aspects of the hobby of scale model building. So if you build aircraft, ships, armor, figures, science fiction, space, automotive or fantasy then is podcast is for you.

Gunpla Club

A bunch of idiots talking about Gundam and Gunpla, the beautiful hobby of building Gundam plastic models. From Advance of Zeta to ZZ Gundam, we cover it all.

Gundam Explained

The Gundam Explained Podcast is from the Gundam Explained YouTube channel. The cast is up every Friday, and discusses everything Gundam – from Gunpla, to anime, and even the latest Gundam news.

Listening To Paint Dry with Mike and Dan

A podcast about the art and hobby of miniature painting. Join Mike and Dan as they continue their journeys to become Better, Braver, and Happier Painters. Check us out on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Preferred Enemies- A Warhammer 40k Podcast

Preferred Enemies is a podcast devoted to the Warhammer 40K miniatures wargame. We cover all aspects of the game, including painting and modeling, diving into the rules, and games both competitive and casual. Whether you’re new to the universe of Warhammer 40,000 or a well-established player, we’ve got you covered.

Trapped Under Plastic

Do you enjoy mini painting, sprue clipping, and the smell of super glue? Then pull up a chair and join Scott and Jon as they delve into everything hobby and find themselves Trapped Under Plastic!

Tiny Plastic People

As pastimes go, it is quite labour and time intensive. The result of our effort is frequently a silly fantasy on the tabletop; two armies clashing in a grand battle determined by dice rolls.

A result of this effort is a desire to strive, to always attempt to better our previous attempts at modelling, painting, and gaming. 

We decided to start Tiny Plastic People because we also wanted to better the way that the hobby is talked about in the public sphere.