Hobby Resources- Youtube

This is a compilation of YouTube resources for anyone of various hobbies (Gunpla, scale modeling, Warhammer, etc.) to watch and learn from.

I recommend trailing through different hobby videos as these skills can often be transferred to one another. If you would like to add a channel, feel free to message me on any of my social media accounts or here!

Updated as of 3/4/23

Youtube Channels


Chris is a talented builder who has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable of hobby information pertaining to gunpla and resin. He runs both a youtube channel and a podcast where he hands out information like digestive biscuits.


What’s not to love from everyone’s favorite Uncle Ricky? Joel not only runs a rad podcast but also is a bank of information for Gunpla, Sofubi, and miniatures.

Dana Howl

Dana is a godsend in the Warhammer community. She is a great resource for builders to go to.

Goobertown hobbies

Brent is like the long-haired Bob Ross of the miniature hobby. He tackles painting on a hobbyist and science level as well as keeping it filled with light-hearted fun. The only chemistry lessons I didn’t fall asleep too

Gundamonium Works

Mikey is a genius when it comes to scale modeling, especially when it comes to Sci-fi models and Gunpla. His live streams are a hotpot of tips and advice.


The one and only, Tim. A genius when it comes to scratch building. His live streams are a great way to watch him and learn as he works.


Jon does a lot of great work for minis, Gunpla, and other scale models.


Logan does a lot of great concepts for scale modeling and minis.


Brian is a wizard when it comes to models (honestly) and he’s always down to share info.

Lyla Mev

She’s a wonderfully talented mini-painter!


A guy who isn’t really bad at gunpla!


A mini genuis!


Tyranid painting for days!

Night Shift

Martin is a beacon of scale model information when it comes to tanks and heavy artillery.

Midwinter Minis

A fun warhammer channel with plenty of painting tips!

Eons of Battle

Jay runs a nifty warhammer channel!

Dice ‘n Demons

A wonderful mini page based out of Denmark!

Barbatos Rex

A fellow New Englander Model Builder!


A talented builder!

Chop! Factory

A great gunpla channel!

Mokei Michi

A great builder based out of Japan!

油肉エアブラシch ─Oil meat Airbrush

A wonderful figure painter!

Studson Studio

A crafter and model maker that builds some rad diorama, minatures, and models.

North of the Border

Scale modelists and figure designers!

Musasino PLAmodel

A lovely builder!


Gunpla and scale modeling airbrush channel


Focuses more on tradition scale models outside of gundam

Niship Channel

Another talented builder!

Nico Suratos

Nico is an incredibly talented young builder!


Wonderful with the candy paints!


Not only a talented model builder but also a figure painter as well.


A lovely builder based out of Japan!

The Mobile Suit Hangar

Rocking gunpla tutorials since 2018!


Follow Sharon through her gunpla journey!


Painting miniatures tutorials

Angel Giraldez

A wonderful mini painter!

Hi Arc Foundry

Another rad builder!

Mattock Models

Building Everything In Miniature

Kenji’s Plastic Models

This is the Youtube channel of the plastic model production website “Zukai! Nandemo-seisaku Nikki” (Kenji’s Plastic Models).


A talented builder!

Casual Plamo

A rad model builder for Indonesia!


There will be tips, tricks, and tutorials as well if you want to learn how to paint and build models like a plumber.

Artis Opus

Here you can find weekly content, designed to help you up your game, improve your painting, try new techniques, and have loads of fun with your hobby along the way!