Hobby Pet Peeves Part 2

We all have them. Small or large annoyances that just really get your goat! This could range from building issues to painting issues, and so on.

What are my hobby pet peeves? Well, here’s the list:

1. Sanding tiny parts.

I hate it. Especially when it won’t fit right and you have to sand it down. Then I’m stuck trying to hold this tiny part and sand while praying the void god doesn’t take it if I drop it.

2. Polycaps not fitting correctly.

This is more infuriating than a pet peeve. I hate having to shave them down to fit.

3. Parts that don’t have anywhere to clip alligator clips on.

It’s even worse when I run out of blue-tack or am trying to hand paint a part that has nowhere to be clipped. So I’m left trying to hold it without smudging anything.

4. The lack of different hand options.

This is more of a minor pet peeve because I never seem to have enough spare hands to swap them out. I also don’t want to have to customize hands from a different kit to get something I like. I just built a Barbatos that only had fist hands for holding weapons (but I didn’t want closed fist hands).

5. Dipping my paintbrush into my drink.

I’m surprised I haven’t poisoned myself at this point. I did it once with a water bottle when I really wasn’t paying attention.

6. Hot Glue Gun Burns when I’m working on something.

I’m accident prone and I swear they have a vendetta against me.

It’s happened a few times last week. I even full on grabbed the nozzle once while not paying attention.

7. That people take their hobbies seriously enough to cheat.

I honestly can’t fathom the likes of cheating in something hobby related. Imagine taking Warhammer seriously enough to cheat at a tournament to win? Or entering a Gunpla contest and cheating? Seems sad to me that the need to win is stronger than the enjoyment of participating that you have to cheat.

8. Citadel is not the only paint option for Warhammer.

This is just stupid. I don’t hate citadel paints, but they’re not the only paints you can use for mini-painting. It’s a stupid form of gatekeeping to tell people something isn’t legitimate because they used a different supply.

Hell, you can even use cheap craft store paints if you thin them right.

A part of me cringes every time I read complaining someone didn’t use citadel

9. You don’t have to play Warhammer or enter Gunpla events to be part of the community.

I don’t like this dumb gatekeeping opinion. Not everyone wants to enter contests or tournaments. Some just want to build casually or play casually. Neither a build contest/ tournament is needed nor required to do so.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


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