Home sweet locals!

Some of you may know that I am wonderfully located in New England, more specifically the Granite state! Not only are we blessed to have such wonderful natural sights, but New Hampshire is also filled with a plethora of wonderful hobby shops, for both scale models and Warhammer.

I have been on a one-man mission to visit as many as I can drive to. It’s a feat I have yet to finish but summer is coming up and I look forward to continuing it.

Now when I speak of hobby stores, I don’t mean Hobby Lobby and the likes. I mean Mom and Pop owned and operated shops. Shops like these are crucial to the hobbies that they supply. It helps to foster community connections and resources.

The Comic Store (Nashua, Nh)

Tucked quietly in Nashua away is one of my favorite locals to visit, The Comic Store. Owned and operated since the 1980s this has been a staple in the pop culture scene. As the name implies they carry a vast amount of comics and TCG series! They also carry hobby items. This ranges from Warhammer, Reaper minis, Star wars, Gunpla, and so on.

This shop is unique in the aspect that it is never the same when you visit multiple times. It’s a little crowded but that’s part of the fun. You can dig around and you never know what you’ll find (it’s like a box of chocolates)! John (the owner) has always been extremely helpful and polite. I go at least once a month or more when I can.

Parking can be limited due to surrounding dance studios and other kiddo-centric activities.

The Relentless Dragon (Nashua, NH)

This is my jam and jelly for anything Warhammer or tabletop. The Relentless Dragon has one of the best Warhammer selections I’ve found in hobby shops around here. They carry paints ranging from Citadel paints to Vallejo. There’s a huge selection of bone minis. RD also carries GW products such as White Dwarf magazines (some are often discounted).

You’ll also find a large number of tabletop games. A fish tank full of dice you can scoop for a decent price. This was a lovely trip between lectures as it’s comfortably located a few minutes down the street from Nashua Community College.

Midgard Hobbies & Games (Derry, NH)

This is a shop that I don’t get to very often but Midgard is a gem! Sometimes I get a little hesitant about hobby shops that are new to me (I’ve had some bummer experiences) but I was very surprised about how comfortable I felt in the store. The staff was incredibly friendly and I was left to wander around the store in glee!

They have a large paint section ranging from Revell to TurboDork and everything in between. I discovered brands I’d never heard of before while there. Plenty of room for tabletop space for card games, Warhammer, and so on. They carry gunpla, minis, and a vast impressive range of military models. For those interested in TCG, they carry a large selection of supplies for that as well.

More to visit!

I have a whole list of shops that I would like to take a trip to visit. I’m hoping to do a part two to this list and even expand down into Massachusetts if time allows.

What’s a hobby shop local to you that you appreciate? Got a comment or question? Let me know.

Best of Thursdays,


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