Scale Modeling as an Artform

It’s easy to walk by a model and think nothing more of it than a plastic toy, right?

What happens when you take it further than snap building up a kit? What if you go to any of the various steps after? Sanding, painting, and so on?

Is it still a toy? Has it ever been just a toy? I used to believe so but over the years my opinion changed.

Haros helped me pivot away from that mindset

Some may agree that it’s still a toy, I’m reminded of a scene from one of my guilty pleasure movies The Devil Wears Prada (Don’t judge me)

There’s a scene from the movie when the main character scoffs that something is just a “belt” when the boss lady goes on a cold monologue about how the art of fashion and what goes into it. I’ve seen people scoff at the idea of scale modeling being an artform.

Look, art is a visual language, and just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean others don’t. One may not understand scale modeling, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Just like a “belt”. You may think it’s a toy but to someone else, that model is a labor of love. I’ve seen people spend YEARS on one model. Pouring over it like it was Michelangelo’s David and it was made of the finest marble.

There’s a lot of passion that can be put into one model.

How is something to labor intensive not art?

One may prep the model by sanding or seam line removal, some might just skip over that and prime to paint (hey that’s me!), or some might take it further.

Artistic techniques are involved as well. Color theory is a huge one. Colors convey emotions and that applies well to kits. They can be hand-painted, spray painted, or airbrushed. Weathered or clean.

Not to mention dioramas! Have you seen what dioramas can add to a build or what people can do to them? It’s phenomenal!

All of these things help provoke emotions or stories, just like a painting would or a sculpture.

So, why wouldn’t it be art? What do you believe?

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Have a happy Tuesday everyone!


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