Picture this.

A mildly busy mall on a Thursday evening. It’s raining outside but the inside is comfortably lit. You stroll by the typical mall staples like Hot Topic, Spencers, and Build-a-bear, and pass Annie’s pretzel shop along with a Dunkin Donuts.

Suddenly you’re hit with a bright light in the distance like Gondor calling to Rohan for aid.

You find yourself enthralled like a moth to a flame.

You walk closer because this place hasn’t seen a new store in years.

Then you see it.

The familiar red glow of the Lego logo.

This is where I found myself just a few weeks ago and I had a grand time. Legos haven’t been an interest of mine since Bionicles were on the market. I loved Bionicle and the lore that went with it. I wish it was still in production in all honesty.

I managed to be gifted and bought some of the Lego Brickheads (along with Boba Fett’s ship!).

They were cute and somewhat reasonably priced. I can’t knock myself for paying Lego prices when I’ve dropped an unhealthy amount of money on Gundam kits. Oddly enough I found the process of assembling these Lego kits to be far more enjoyable than snapping up other kits, a process that I tend to dislike the most.

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Have a great Wednesday!


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