A List of Hobby Pet Peeves

We all have them. Small or large annoyances that just drive you up a wall! This could range from building issues to painting issues, and so on.

What are my hobby pet peeves? Well, here’s the list:

1. Citadel Pots Drying Up

This is a newer annoyance for me. I opened up four pots this week to do some hand painting and was met with hard plastic bricks. No amount of water or medium could revive them.

Now, I typically rebottle them when I get them. I clean out old Vallejo and Warpainter bottles when the bottle runs out. Wash with hot water to get the gunk out, using paint thinner if needed. I thin down the pots and rebottle them. I just haven’t had any bottles to do so lately.

2. Dropping parts into the void


We’ve all been there, building happily and having a good time, and then it happens. A part either drops or goes flying. Where’d it go? You heard it hit the floor but you can’t find it!

I’m a firm believer that any parts that disappear into the void are payment to the plamo gods and will never be seen again.

On a funny note, I found a part of a build I lost three years ago while moving furniture this week. It wasn’t even a room that I work in. It was behind the couch. I have no idea why.

3. Smearing paint

This is something that really annoys or even infuriates me on a spiritual level, especially with hand painting. Either something wasn’t fully dry or I had wet paint on my hands without realizing it and got it on the part.

Happened on this one quite a bit

4. Thumbprints on topcoats

I hate when you go to grab a part you thought was done curing but it wasn’t so there’s now a thumbprint on it. The worst offender of this is glossy coats.

5. When something causes the kit to unbalance

I hate when you attach the weapons or thrusters only to have the whole balance go wonky. I think the worst for this that I’ve built is the HG Gouf.

6. Clogged Airbrush Nozzles

The worst is when you clean an airbrush but not good enough to get the clog.

7. People refusing to play against unpainted armies

I don’t know why some Warhammer folks get so angry that not everyone thinks painting is the most important part of the hobby. Painting is nice but not everyone can do so. Painting an army can be difficult. Maybe it’s just me.

8. Super glue malfunctions

I most definitely did not glue my fingers together this week. Not at all.

Did not glue my pointer to my middle finger. Nope.

9. Dust

I hate it when a part is drying or resin is curing and a piece of dust/pet hair gets in it. I started putting certain builds in a plastic container to cure so that I avoid any potential of dusting.

What hobby pet peeves do you have?

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear it.

Have a safe Monday everyone!


6 thoughts on “A List of Hobby Pet Peeves

  1. Rare Grade kits and bad part design especially within those kits

    I was working on a Rare Grade MS-06F Zaku 2 recently and I lost a part that was very important. It was a part that allowed the arm to attach to the model. I lost it because when making the arm you have to pull at least 5 things off this weird as hell arm thing. Half of those you’re supposed to throw away but the other half are essential for attaching the arm to the model. I threw away the part I needed cause I thought it was trash. Who thought it was a good idea to make it this way? Also, half the parts in said kit need to be glued together cause they don’t friction fit even though it seems they should. The whole kit is just riddled with problems and wasn’t at all fun to make. And that goes for all other Rare Grades I’ve worked on.


  2. I agree with all of these. However, I see your clogged nozzle (#6) and raise you a warped/crushed packing gland.

    But I also offer an idea to combat dropping parts into the void (#2)!
    This doesn’t work for everything, but if you are worried about loosing a part on removal from the sprue, or on placement/handling you can wrap it in a piece of masking tape.

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